Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hello, Sweet Friends!

I want to start by apologizing for not checking in before now. I've had good intentions... I've just not got it done.

As I'm sure you know, the holidays are incredibly hard for us. I know that for me personally, I've had a lot of "flashbacks" recently... remembering Brent's last days... UGH.... it's just so hard to allow myself to think about it.

It's weird how memories can rush over you all at once.. with no warning at all. As we started singing Christmas hymns Sunday at church I suddenly remembered the sound of Christmas carolers outside our hospital room. We knew it would be the last Christmas we'd have with Brent and EVERY moment was bittersweet. With that memory alone, I started sobbing. It's weird how songs/music can do that to you. Afterwards, I went back to being "okay" again.

Anyway.. we've been trying to keep busy and attempting to make every day the BEST it can be for Zach & Gabe. Don't get me wrong... we're not THAT bad off. GOD IS TRULY our STRENGTH and our ROCK. Things are "good" when we're with loved ones, or keeping busy. It's those quiet times that can stir up those terrible memories. Anyway.. I've just been trying to keep my head in the sand until after the holidays. Things always seem to get "better" again with them behind us.

I hate for this update to be one negative thought after another.. but it looks as though we'll be spending Christmas alone tomorrow. Our boys are passing around a VIRUS of ALL things. I know that "all things work for good, to those that know the LORD and are called according to HIS purpose"... I'm sure I messed that up a bit, but you know what I'm talking about.. right? Heheheh....


On a more positive note.... we're looking forward to tomorrow morning. The boys have been counting down the days (LITERALLY) and they'll probably not sleep a wink tonight. We USUALLY make "Daddy-Clause" some cookies and Coke before bed, but with Zach coming down with whatever this is, we just didn't get it done. (Oh, if you're wondering.. we set out "Coke" instead of milk because Link is NOT a milk person.. LOL)

Of COURSE we'll be reading the REAL Christmas story in the morning (the birth of our LORD and SAVIOR) and will then open gifts. I'd attempt to make pictures, but I usually get so caught up in watching the boys that I COMPLETELY FORGET! O:-)

Now, I'll TRY to be more consistent with posting in the upcoming days. However, we won't be past all of "dates" until we've made it through January 2. (That's the day Brent went HOME to be with JESUS)

Oh, almost forgot... I also wanted to say THANKS for wishing Gabe a happy birthday!!! He turned 8 on the 21st, and unfortunately it was on a Sunday... this past one to be exact. We had a mini party for him BEFORE church, then our Christmas party with our church group... so Gabe basically "partied all day". LOL!!

Alrighty, I'm gonna go for now. I'm camping out in the living room with Zach and it looks like it may be a LONG night. Before I go.. I want to THANK YOU ALL for your thoughts, prayers, and of course for checking in on us here. We LOVE YOU more than we can say!

Have a VERY BLESSED Christmas, my Friends!