Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hello, Sweet Friends!

I want to start by apologizing for not checking in before now. I've had good intentions... I've just not got it done.

As I'm sure you know, the holidays are incredibly hard for us. I know that for me personally, I've had a lot of "flashbacks" recently... remembering Brent's last days... UGH.... it's just so hard to allow myself to think about it.

It's weird how memories can rush over you all at once.. with no warning at all. As we started singing Christmas hymns Sunday at church I suddenly remembered the sound of Christmas carolers outside our hospital room. We knew it would be the last Christmas we'd have with Brent and EVERY moment was bittersweet. With that memory alone, I started sobbing. It's weird how songs/music can do that to you. Afterwards, I went back to being "okay" again.

Anyway.. we've been trying to keep busy and attempting to make every day the BEST it can be for Zach & Gabe. Don't get me wrong... we're not THAT bad off. GOD IS TRULY our STRENGTH and our ROCK. Things are "good" when we're with loved ones, or keeping busy. It's those quiet times that can stir up those terrible memories. Anyway.. I've just been trying to keep my head in the sand until after the holidays. Things always seem to get "better" again with them behind us.

I hate for this update to be one negative thought after another.. but it looks as though we'll be spending Christmas alone tomorrow. Our boys are passing around a VIRUS of ALL things. I know that "all things work for good, to those that know the LORD and are called according to HIS purpose"... I'm sure I messed that up a bit, but you know what I'm talking about.. right? Heheheh....


On a more positive note.... we're looking forward to tomorrow morning. The boys have been counting down the days (LITERALLY) and they'll probably not sleep a wink tonight. We USUALLY make "Daddy-Clause" some cookies and Coke before bed, but with Zach coming down with whatever this is, we just didn't get it done. (Oh, if you're wondering.. we set out "Coke" instead of milk because Link is NOT a milk person.. LOL)

Of COURSE we'll be reading the REAL Christmas story in the morning (the birth of our LORD and SAVIOR) and will then open gifts. I'd attempt to make pictures, but I usually get so caught up in watching the boys that I COMPLETELY FORGET! O:-)

Now, I'll TRY to be more consistent with posting in the upcoming days. However, we won't be past all of "dates" until we've made it through January 2. (That's the day Brent went HOME to be with JESUS)

Oh, almost forgot... I also wanted to say THANKS for wishing Gabe a happy birthday!!! He turned 8 on the 21st, and unfortunately it was on a Sunday... this past one to be exact. We had a mini party for him BEFORE church, then our Christmas party with our church group... so Gabe basically "partied all day". LOL!!

Alrighty, I'm gonna go for now. I'm camping out in the living room with Zach and it looks like it may be a LONG night. Before I go.. I want to THANK YOU ALL for your thoughts, prayers, and of course for checking in on us here. We LOVE YOU more than we can say!

Have a VERY BLESSED Christmas, my Friends!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

And the BIG NEWS IS.......

Hey there, Friends! I'm sorry to have left you hanging like that. HEHEHEHE.. well, sorta. O:-)

Before I start all the "blah, blah, blah," about our Thanksgiving... I KNOW many of you are wanting to know what the big news is??

SOOOO... my sister (Kerry) and her hubby (Shannon) are going to adopt. If you've heard me talk of my sister before, then you KNOW I'm just CRAZY about her and her family. Our children were all born in "stair-steps." Ashley (her daughter) was born in 94, Brent (our first son) was born in 95, Clay (Kerry's son) was born in 96, then Zach in 97. We had this really neat little pattern going with our first 4 (combined) but SHE had to go and mess it up. LOL!!! (Of course Gabe came along in 2000)

Seriously though, she's diabetic and because of that, Clay was a HUGE baby! (OVER 10 POUNDS) Now, my sis isn't like me... she's a LITTLE BITTY thing! Clay got stuck during his birth and it was too late to do a section. (Sorry if that's "TMI" but it's a VERY IMPORTANT part of the story). See, her doc didn't know he was so big (not sure how they missed that, but oh well) and he was practically born dead. (Due to that, his heart was TERRIBLY ENLARGED) PRAISE GOD, he DIDN'T die (or least that he didn't stay that way)! He was airlifted to Jackson, MS and his parents were told to prepare for the worst). GOD stepped in, and Clay was brought home just a week or so later. He's been healthy since.

HOWEVER, my sister & her hubby, again due to her health.. decided that 2 would be enough. (I don't know if that was the ONLY factor, but it was DEFINITELY a MAJOR one)

Well, GOD has recently shown them that HE wants to add to their family. They felt strongly that it would be a child from Russia - and GOD has MORE THAN CONFIRMED it over and over again!

They will set out to adopt 2 babies. (Two is the limit if you're not getting siblings, and very young siblings would be VERY RARE)

If you get online and research these orphanages - oh MY! It'll just BREAK your heart! (Little beds lined RIGHT NEXT to each other.. stories of children with no one to hold and love them.. it's just SO SAD)

Needless to say, I'm EXCITED BEYOND WORDS! (See, I gave you a little hint the other day.. I said the baby wasn't coming to OUR house.. what I didn't say, was where it WOULD be going) O:-)

Now... to catch up on the holidays.....

I told you I'd be fixing a turkey for Link's family dinner. It turned out REALLY WELL, I'm happy to say! I actually remembered to take out that little bag of.. I don't even CARE to KNOW what's in it.. O:-) HA!!!

See, to tell off on myself a bit... The VERY FIRST turkey I ever made......... well, I sort of didn't know there was ANYTHING inside the bird that needed to come OUT. (Sorry if this offends anyone that doesn't eat meat) ;-)

At any rate.. I was VERY PLEASED that I didn't burn it, or under cook it, or leave something inside that wasn't suppose to be there. HA!! Dinner at Link's parents was AMAZING! (They're ALL FANTASTIC cooks!!)

After lunch, we made dough ornaments. That'll be another set of pictures I'll need to load and share. (Man, am I SERIOUSLY BEHIND on pictures, or WHAT??)

We'll be doing supper with my family tonight. (If you didn't know.. my Daddy is a truck driver) HE wasn't home for turkey day so we'll be oinkin out AGAIN tonight. (Hopefully I won't.. I've started yet ANOTHER diet)


Well, I COULD tell you that I'm now OBSESSED with learning how to do blog makeovers! (I LOVE my Christmas one, but I always feel terrible asking the lady that's doing the makeover to keep making changes) Jennisa was VERY PATIENT with me and I think she did a GREAT job! (You can find her at

A VERY DEAR friend of mine has been encouraging me to learn, and well, honestly, I'd REALLY LOVE to know how! I did find a spot online that gives some REALLY GOOD instructions. My biggest problem NOW is to figure out how to work my Photoshop program. (I'm SOOOO DINGY and HATE to read instructions) I suppose if I'm going to get this figured out, I'm going to HAVE to though. =-/ (Heheheh)

If any of you know of a "step by step" visual type thingy.. could you let me know? O:-)

Okay, I KNOW I'm forgetting something.. I suppose whatever it is will wait until next time?

Oh, and I've also STILL not made it around to commenting on your blogs. I'm SO VERY SORRY! I'm sure you understand.. the holidays are CRAZY, and WONDERFUL, and WONDERFULLY CRAZY! ;o)

I hope to see you soon..


Thursday, November 27, 2008


Morning, Sweet Friends!

I wanted to come by and wish you a VERY HAPPY Thanksgiving! I know I said I'd try to come and post pictures, but honestly, I've been so busy trying to get our house back in order that I've just not had a lot of time to "play" online. (After the BUSY week we had last week.. I CRASHED for a couple of days.. MAN, does it EVER get MESSY, FAST!)

Anyhow - I hate I've not been by to wish you all a happy turkey day in person.. HOPEFULLY I can catch up with YOU soon!

I'd also like to do a post on being thankful. I sure wish I had time today.. but I'm doing one of the turkeys for my hubby's family dinner so I REALLY NEED to go! (I'll also BE THE TURKEY at his Mom's house) LOL!!

Oh, we've got some AMAZING family news to share too! (Don't get too excited for us.. there's no baby coming to OUR house) O=-)

Okay.. I'd better run! I hope you all have an AMAZING day!



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too Easily Amused

Hi there friends! I'm playing around with my blog and THINK I've discovered a fast, easy way to post from my cell. I guess we'll see if this works?!

I'll try to check in soon w the pictures I promised from last week. =-)

See ya soon!

(I'm *editing* this post to say that it WORKED! Everything above this was posted by my phone.. COOL, huh?) WHOO-HOO!

Now, I'm off to see about getting those pictures uploaded.

Oh, one other thing.... My sweet friend Jennisa from Once Upon A Blog has been doing some Christmas decorating for me. My 'Christmas blog' should be UP in a few days. I'm EXCITED to see something new.. and to have a way to CELEBRATE JESUS this holiday season!

Okay, I'll get back soon. I'm WAY OVERDUE in checking in with you guys. Things have FINALLY started to settle down, and I HOPE to get caught up with you all by tonight.



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Catching up..

Hello, Sweet Friends!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to "catch up" with you all. This has been ONE CRAZY/BUSY week.. but it's been a LOT of FUN! Let me fill you in... =-)

Okay, so when I last posted I told you that we had out of town company coming in. They DID arrive just seconds BEFORE I clicked the "Publish Post" button. (The boys were outside EAGERLY watching and waiting for them.. I heard them scream out, "They're HERE!") LOL!!!

So, who WAS this company??? It was our dear friends from Memphis, Mark & Mylissa Horrocks.

We met them just before we learned that Brent had relapsed, back in 05. They too have had their world "rocked" by the diagnosis of cancer in their own child. However, AND PRAISE BE TO GOD, their daughter, Bella, has done BEAUTIFULLY! She's been in remission since she finished treatment in 04!

A couple of quotes from her caringbridge site..

"Bella was diagnosed with Stage IIIa Malignant Melanoma at age of 3 on 9/11/03."

"She finished on October 8, 2004!!! She had her first annual scans and redone October 18th, WHICH PROVED HER TO BE CANCER FREE FOR 1 YEAR!!! Praise the Lord!!! In November, Bella had a baseline PET which was NORMAL and a repeat MRI...NORMAL!!"

Okay, now would you like to know just how AMAZING this family is?? They saw a GREAT NEED while in treatment at St. Jude. They didn't just carry their daughter home and forget about the things they saw, felt, and experienced while at St. Jude, they did something about it!

What did they do, you might ask?? Through the leading of the Holy Spirit they started a non-profit organization called, "Habitat for Hope."

Please, if you have a minute, go and read how this all began.

Yep, they packed up their family (they lived in Florida) and MOVED to Memphis, TN just to support families like ours day in and day out.

They helped get us housing so that we could keep ALL of our boys together after Brent relapsed. (Although St. Jude goes ABOVE AND BEYOND what you might expect from a hospital, they can only provide housing for 4 people. You are NOT ALLOWED more than 4 at any time) We DESPERATELY wanted to keep the boys under the same roof after relapse. (They told us there was NO HOPE of a cure for a child after relapse occurs)

Mark & Mylissa called and visited often, organizing meals for us while we were in the hospital. They walked the halls of St. Jude with us, praying between scans. Mark & Mylissa were there with us the day we first heard that there was nothing more that could be done for Brent. (Of course we didn't accept that, but that's a ANOTHER story)

I could go on and on telling you about how they helped meet the physical and spiritual needs of our family.. but for the sake of time, and to avoid writing a book today, I won't. LOL!

I would like to share one more quick story.. another memory that stands out. It was when they came to the hospital and threw Gabe a birthday party (at St. Jude) so that he'd HAVE one. See, we'd just brought Brent back to Memphis "to let him go" and were beyond even remembering that it was our baby boy's birthday.

They also came and got the kids and took them places during those very sad and very dark days so that they'd have a little bit of "normalcy"... so they could get their little minds on something that wasn't so tragic.

This sweet young couple doesn't just "talk the talk," my friends, they WALK THE WALK!

The very home they live in is open day and night to families in Memphis who have a child with a life-threatening illness. When I say "open" I mean people LITERALLY LIVE in their home. (I'm nagging Mylissa to build a cabin somewhere on the property so that they can have their own space.. I'm telling you, I could NOT do what they do ALL the time!) The hope/plan is to one day build cabins on the property for more families to live in while their child is hospitalized/or in treatment. As far as I know they only thing holding them back is the money. (It's a NON-PROFIT and it's running on donations)

Okay, so I could talk ALL DAY about this sweet family and what they do. I know you'd be blessed if you went over and "met" them for yourselves.

I know I promised pictures, but there are children sleeping all over the place right now. LOL!! The boys had a sleepover last night so there are some in the boys' bedroom, the living room, and one in our bed. HA!!! I'll try to get the photos uploaded sometime today and will share them in the next post. (HOPEFULLY)

Oh, I forgot to tell you what we've been doing the rest of the week... WHOOPS! Okay, so if you've not left already... I'll QUICKLY fill you in!

The Horrocks family left on Tuesday.. we were hosting church in our house Wednesday as well as having Thanksgiving supper with them afterwards. SOOO... the POWER-CLEANING/SHOPPING/COOKING began just after our sweet friends walked out the door. Then on Thursday, it was school and cleaning AGAIN. Yesterday, we went to a friends house to make dough ornaments... FUN, FUN, FUN! (I'll post pictures of those soon, too!)

Yep, it's been a really CRAZY week, but OH-SO-MUCH-FUN!

Today... I'm keeping Allie Grace! WHOO-HOO!! =-)

Okay, I've SERIOUSLY kept you long enough. THANKS SO MUCH for letting me pour my heart to you. I PROMISE to try to keep the next post REALLY SHORT-N-SWEET! O:-)

Thanks again for stopping by - I've MISSED YOU ALL!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Help Amie bring Owen HOME???

Hello, Friends..

I'd LOVE to stay and chat. Seriously. I would. However, we've got out of town company coming in literally ANY SECOND. I wanted to take a minute to ask you to go over to my friend Amie's blog and help her win a contest. Why, you ask? Because if she DOES.. she'll DONATE ALL of her winnings to help bring Owen HOME!

Help Bring Owen Home!

I PROMISE I'll check back soon with pictures from our visit with friends. That is if I don't forget to take any.. LOL!

THANKS SO MUCH for considering my girl, Amie and her contest!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Another petition..

Hello, Friends!

I'm going to keep this post short-n-sweet, and to the point!

I got an email from a dear friend asking that I sign a petition. Here's a little info that will let you know what this is about..

FOCA Would Wipe Away Every Restriction on Abortion Nationwide
This would eradicate state and federal laws that the majority of Americans support, such as:

  • Bans on Partial Birth Abortion
  • Requirements that women be given information about the risks of getting an abortion
  • Only licensed physicians can perform abortions
  • Parents must be informed and give consent to their minor daughter's abortion

FOCA would erase these laws and prevent states from enacting similar protective measures in the future.

If you believe this is wrong, PLEASE, go and sign this petition???

This little angel is just ONE of the reasons I'm THANKFUL for women who've chosen life.. Isn't she the CUTEST???? I know the picture is blurry, she'd fallen asleep in her jumper and I grabbed my cell phone to get the picture before moving her to bed.

This is my BEAUTIFUL little (ADOPTED) niece. Her name is Allie Grace and she's filled a great void in her Mommy's & Daddy's life. She's been a BLESSING to ALL that know her. I cannot imagine our lives without her.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have a confession to make..

Yesterday WAS my birthday...

Before I start filling you in on all the ways it was special, I want to THANK YOU guys for all of the sweet comments you left... You guys are AMAZING!

Okay... now, I'll tell you how our day started...

The day (for Zach & Gabe) began around 4 AM. Zach had asked Gabe the night before that if he got up early to wake him. I don't think he thought Gabe would get up THAT early. =-)

Once they got up, they IMMEDIATELY started cleaning (that was the plan from the night before)... Link & I knew they were up to something so we stayed in bed.

After a LONG WHILE we turned on the tv (in our room) so that they would know we were awake. Then we started hearing the "clank" of dishes. You guessed it - they cooked me BREAKFAST and brought it to me in bed.

Wait, let me back up... Link went ahead into the kitchen... just a few moments later they came into my room (while singing Happy Birthday), and carrying a tray and my breakfast. Now, get this... I've been doing Weight Watchers and I've been cooking things like "grilled cheese" in a special way to make it lower in points. Well, Zach cooked it JUST THE WAY I DO! (With fat free spray butter and EVERYTHING!) They even put the tiny little pickles on my plate, just the way I would! Oh, and they also fixed my water (with my FAVORITE flavored "stir in")

Did I mention I got HOMEMADE birthday cards too???? Those are THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I learned after we lost Brent that things done by their sweet little hands BEAT ANYTHING that could be bought!

THEN, they announced that they wanted to give me the day off! Are you thinking what I was thinking??? LOL!! I believe there was some motive behind that one! (I always give them the day off on their birthday... remember, we home-school)

Well, motive or not, they'd been SO STINKIN SWEET I decided we'd ALL take the day OFF! Link was rained out and he was going to be home all day... SOOOOOOOOOO... ALL of that to say that I spent the whole day with my guys!

Of course my Mom came over and hung out a while. Later in the evening my sister came a little early for church so I got to have a little *extra special* time with her as well. (It's been our week to "host" church - so everyone was coming here).... Oh YEAH, and to finish off the night... my niece, Addison, baked me a birthday cake and we all (our entire church group) had CAKE after church last night! It was a REALLY WONDERFUL day!

Now, don't let me FAIL to mention that my BEST GIRL, SUSAN, HONORED me on HER blog! (I stole the image below from Susan's blog - hehehe)

That was one of the sweetest posts EVER! Yes, I was doing the "happy cry" all day. (I got that phrase from my friend Amie... well, unless I'm saying it all wrong.. LOL!)

Friends, if you don't know Susan, you are MISSING A BLESSING! We met through our son's caringbridge sites, then GOD ALLOWED me to meet this sweet soul in person! (I'll share THAT story in another post) O:-) Please, if you haven't already, go over and say hello.. You'll be BLESSED by getting to know her!

So, from Susan's post, I had many BEAUTIFUL HEARTS to come over and wish me a Happy Birthday! THANK YOU ALL, SO VERY MUCH! You guys are BEYOND AMAZING! Yes, it was an AMAZING DAY INDEED!

Whoops, I also got some emails and text messages wishing me a great day! (I sure don't want to leave anyone out)

I have not so great memories of my birthday in history - it was the day that Brent went into the hospital for the last time, ever. We went in and things just kept going terribly wrong from there. He was in the hospital from my birthday, until he WENT HOME to be with the LORD on Jan. 2, 2007.

THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for making my day so SPECIAL! Thank You for helping me make HAPPY memories! I ADORE YOU!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Warning: This Post MAY Cause Drowsiness

You shouldn't attempt to read if you will soon be driving or operating heavy equipment! Image hosted by

Yikes - I'm having a hard time knowing where to begin this post. Can you believe that someone who BLABS SO MUCH could have trouble talking?? LOL!!

My sweet friends, April, and Amie have given me some bloggy awards. Since April "awarded" me first, I'll start with her..

Yes, April gave me the Marie-Antionette-REAL Person Award!! (She tagged me through my comment section, thanks, April! I've TRULY beem BLESSED getting to know you!)

Now, here are the rules for this award:

1. Please put the logo on your blog. (Check)

2. Place a link to the person from whom you received the award. (Check)

3. Nominate at least 7 or more blogs. (Can't do it, sorry! I'm SUCH A CHEATER!)

4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog.

5. Leave a message on their blogs telling them they've won an award! (If you wanna play, call yourself TAGGED!)

Now my friend Amie - at Heart smiles has quickly become an AMAZING friend as well. These ladies have stolen my heart for sure!!

So, to play Amie's tag/award....

In order to accept this Bloggy Award/Tag in disguise, you must do the following:

1)When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back.

2)Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design.

3)Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’.

4)List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. And then, pass it on.”

(As with all tags, I'll just tell you that if you want to play along - jump right in there)

Now, it's time for me to help you doze off to sleep... Hehehehe

HHMMMM.... ten things about myself... where DO I begin?? (I'll try to share things you haven't heard me say already)

1. To be such an organizer/freakish person.. I have a REALLY HARD time staying on top of my chores! (I'm quite sure my time on the internet has NOTHING to do with this.. ha!)

2. My labor time with all 3 boys was under 12 hours. I THINK - ALMOST positive that the first one lasted only 7-8 hours. The same for the other two. I was TRULY blessed with impatient baby boys! LOL!! (TMI.. RIGHT??)

3. Other than being a child of God's - the MOST IMPORTANT thing in my life is to be Link's wife and the boys' Mom. I've NEVER, EVER wanted to do anything else. (Well, I did want to be a beautician when I was 12'ish... but when I saw that first baby boy ANY desire to leave them for any length of time QUICKLY went OUT the door!)

4. I'm COMPLETELY CONSERVATIVE! There is NOT ONE OUNCE of "a liberal woman" inside me. (The ONLY "rights" that anyone has are those given by GOD. If HE doesn't say it's "okay," then it's NOT okay!)

5. If the Bible says it, I BELIEVE it! We can't "write off" scripture because times were different. The Bible CLEARLY SAYS that JESUS is the same YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER!

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Based on John 1 we know that Jesus is the WORD too, and that means the WORD NEVER CHANGES EITHER)

John 1
The Deity of Jesus Christ

1(A)In the beginning was (B)the Word, and the Word was (C)with God, and (D)the Word was God.
2He was in the beginning with God.
E)All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.
F)In Him was life, and the life was (G)the Light of men.

(The only change I see is going from being under law to grace.. and we are DEFINITELY UNDER GRACE, if we're UNDER THE BLOOD of JESUS!)

WHOOPS! Got side-tracked... sorry! (You're wondering what happened to that gal that couldn't think of anything to say.. right?) LOL!

7. My GREATEST desires (as of yet) have been fulfilled - ALL of our boys have put their faith in CHRIST! There was NO desire, even in my wildest dreams, GREATER than that!

8. I used to be shy. I know. It seems impossible, right? Hehehe... I did.. I'm not sure what happened to the old me. Now, I almost NEVER meet a stranger. (Well, there is this one guy at Walmart that is INCREDIBLY ANNOYED at my attempts to "greet" him... I think he has issues, but they have NOTHING to do with me..)

9. I HATE slimy foods! Yeah, I know that's random, but I'm TRYING to make it to "10"

10. AH HA! I DID make it... HMMMM... and my mind is BLANK................ ALL OVER AGAIN! (This is not new to me) LOL!!! Oh, I know.. speaking of drawing blanks... I'm SO ADHD that they should come up with a new term for it. I can't keep ANYTHING in my memory for ANY length of time! If I NEED to remember it, I write it down. Then, I just HOPE I don't forget where I put it!

THANKS AGAIN to my sweet friends for thinking of me!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturdays

There seems to be a pattern here... I posted a video last week (rather than a song) and here I am doing it again. (I hope that's okay, Amy?) =-)

It's a GREAT little clip and it's something that I think all parents should see. (It's geared towards the dads, but if your family is like ours, the boys actually spend more time with me)

For more posts on this "TSMSS" check out Signs, Miracles, and Wonders!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prepare to be AMAZED..

Okay, so I came back quicker than I thought.. (see post below.. lol)

I've been on and off the computer between times that the boys were working without me. I'm TRYING to catch up on mail and comments.. what I'm about to share is AMAZING! (I got in an email, but I'm not sure who sent it.. if was YOU, THANKS!)

Get ready to be INSPIRED.. and remember, we have SO LITTLE to complain about!

Man, I've STILL got goosebumps!

Back online - life is GOOD =-)

Hello, Friends!

Okay, so I'm BACK ON! WHOO-HOO! There's A LOT I've been wanting to share, but won't do it all in THIS post. For now, I was just going to fill you in on what's been going on here and then get back to work with the boys. (Remember, we home-school) =-)

SO, the computer mess wasn't the computer at all. (It was just the quickest and easiest way to explain things from my phone- since THAT'S how I did the update)

The problem, I was told, was the modem. (We have satellite internet - no high speed available HERE)

Well, we had to place an order, then wait for the man to come install it. He finally made it yesterday, and the computer was working PERFECTLY by noon.. but then we also had to have our hot water heater replaced.

When it rains, it pours, right??

So, we were busy a large portion of the afternoon getting the heater out, and the new one in. My father-in-law did all the work.. isn't he a SWEETIE???

Well, he was concerned that a pipe that carries the fumes out wasn't in place (Mr. Sam isn't a plumber - he was just taking care of things for us) Oh, did I mention that it's a GAS water heater?

SOOOOOO.. we THEN had ANOTHER man to come and help get that pipe thingy in place.

Okay.. ALL OF THAT to say that by the time all of those "helpers" came and left it was time to go to church.. and THAT, my friends, is why I didn't do a post last night.

Was this the most BORING thing you've EVER READ??? Seriously. HA!!!!!!

Okay, maybe I'll be back soon to share some photos from the bloggy giveaway we did back on Brent's birthday. (If I don't, remind me??) O:-) I'm SOOOO FORGETFUL!

Alrighty, my friends.. I hope to get to make my rounds and catch up with all OF YOU sometime today. I sure have missed you! =-)

Have a GREAT day...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Computer problems, OH MY!

Just a quick note from my cell to say that our computer has been out for SEVERAL DAYS now. I HOPE the issue will be resolved tomorrow... I'm MISSIN YOU GUYS!

See you soon (I hope)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturdays

Okay, so this technically ISN'T a song.. I found it while searching for one on "godtube." It's Stephen Baldwin's testimony. I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to share it! (I pray for boldness for Christ - I want to be QUICK to tell others about HIM)

For more posts on this "TSMSS" hop on over to Amy's and see what other's are sharing.

Friday, October 31, 2008

A day at the Noxubee Refuge

I think I mentioned some time back that I'd be posting again on our trip at the Noxubee Refuge? (We met there for church and a picnic afterwards) Well, to be honest, I forgot. O:-)

SOOOO.. I thought I'd take a few and share some of the cool pics with you.

One of the VERY FIRST THINGS we saw upon entering the refuge was an ALLIGATOR! OH, THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL! (I had Link stop on the side of the road so I could photograph him) Needless to say, I was TERRIBLY AMUSED!

Now, if I can ONLY remember to come back and post the pictures from the FAMILY photo shoot that I promised. O:-)


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Award, Oh my!

Woo-HOO! I've won another award. O:-)

THANKS SO MUCH, Liz for thinking of me! You've been a blessing to get to know and have been a great source of encouragement!

As always, I'll be the one to "cheat" and will leave this for all of you! There is NO WAY I can choose just a few of the wonderful friends I've met online. (I'm just weak like that) I suppose WEIRD is more like it. Okay, rambling. SORRY. =-)

Here are the rules:

1. Place the logo on your blog.

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Oh, and I meant to say, "THANK YOU," to my new friend Michelle for making this special graphic. (It was for Brent's birthday)

How COOL was THAT??? Thanks again to EVERYONE that came by and celebrated Brent's life with us on his birthday. I can't say how much you BLESSED US!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hello, Friends!

I wanted to stop in and say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for all the support on Brent's birthday. I mean, you guys SERIOUSLY BLEW US AWAY! Saying, "Thank You," seems too little. I honestly don't know how to express our gratitude.

It seems that when someone loses a child - one of their greatest fears is that they would be forgotten. I mean, as a parent, our children almost become "everything" to us. (Now OBVIOUSLY we should put GOD first, and hopefully our spouse second.. you know what I mean)

Anyway, when someone so precious "moves on" to HEAVEN, people around the parents sometimes don't know how to deal with them. (I know I sure didn't)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that as a parent who's child is now in HEAVEN, I realize that I do NEED to talk about him. I NEED my friends and family to talk about him with me. He's NOT GONE - he's just away.

I hear that one of the major concerns in these situations is the fear that the child's life won't be remembered. Now, I know that's not the case, and I know it's awkward when we don't know how to respond to someone that's hurting. For me - just to hear someone else say his name.. to hear them talk about him.. well, it's a blessing.

YOUR TREMENDOUS SHOW of support TRULY MEANT THE WORLD to us! It was SO AMAZING that so many of you took the time to learn a little about him. (Some of our new friends have even read some of the history on his caringbridge site) This show of LOVE & SUPPORT was AMAZING.... thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

Oh yeah, I wanted to tell the winners of our giveaway that I got your packages in the mail today. I actually spent the morning yesterday baking the bread. I was so EAGER to make everything JUST PERFECT. Unlike how I'd normally do it, I actually followed the directions for the bread to the "T" making it not taste like what we're used to.

See, I'd ALWAYS use the whole can of sweet potatoes (Which probably amounts to 2 and 1/4 cups instead of 2) I also would normally use a little extra oil. (About 1/4 cup MORE than the recipe called for) I don't know WHY I'm always compelled to give WAAAAAYY TOO MUCH INFO??? (Sorry.) O:-)

All of that to say that the bread just DIDN'T taste right. SOOOOO... I baked some more TODAY! It was shipped out UPS this afternoon and should be at your doorsteps by Friday afternoon. I hope you enjoy your packages! It sure was therapeutic for me to be busy doing something for you in Brent's memory & honor.

Thanks again for your LOVE, SUPPORT, AND PRAYERS!!

WHOOPS - I wanted to acknowledge the ladies that posted about our "Giveaway in Memory & Celebration of Brent." (There may have been more of you, If so, I apologize for not listing you.. I'm just sharing the ones I know of)

If you want, go by and read what sweet things these ladies had to say about our PRECIOUS boy...






Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Precious Boy!

Okay.. today is the day we've been waiting for. I'm SO THANKFUL that the LORD led us to do a giveaway this year as a way to "celebrate" Brent's birthday. This will be our second without him.

I honestly didn't know what emotions I'd face. THANKFULLY, doing something he would've loved gave me something to look forward to. I can truly say that some of Brent's happiest times were when he was giving gifts and/or doing something for others.

With that said, the winners of our giveaway are....

from his CaringBridge site... Dena Olsen,

and from my blog... Melanie (Melanie at Fruits of the Spirit- Oh, I HOPE that's your blog name.. I usually just click through links) I DO hope this link works, for some reason blogger isn't running well for me this morning)

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!!! I'll HOPEFULLY get your packages shipped out today. PLEASE, get with me ASAP with your mailing addresses. You can email me at - PLEASE put in the header that YOU ARE A WINNER! (I'll be sorting through, "real mail," junk mail, as well as spam.. I don't want to miss you)

Yes, our Sweet Brent would've been 13 if he were still here with us. Our hearts ache to see his sweet face, to hear his voice, and to be able to HOLD him again. There are no words to express the wide range of emotions we feel each and every day. One thing I CAN say is that we are COMPLETELY AT PEACE KNOWING that Brent is no longer sick or hurting. He's HEALED beyond anything we could even imagine. He's experiencing PEACE, LOVE, AND JOY like we've never dreamed. For him, it'll only be a moment and we'll be together again.

We were FOREVER BLESSED the day the LORD "loaned" Brent to us.. we are truly better people for having known (and loved) him.

Now, Brent would want more than anything for me to tell you about about the GREATEST GIFT OF ALL... JESUS!

The Bible says that we've all sinned (Do you agree?)

The Bible tells us how to have Salvation,

Romans 10:9
That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

The Bible also says....

Acts 4:12
Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."

It's that simple. HE wants us as we are, to come to HIM and let HIM save us. Isn't it great that we don't have to go and "do" anything??

If you're not a Christian, and want to be.. As you can see, all you have to do is "believe and confess." You don't have to go see a preacher or pray a fancy prayer.. GOD will take you right now.. just as you are!

Now, I want to THANK each of you for CELEBRATING Brent's life with us today. See, Brent's life on earth may have ended - but his ETERNAL LIFE has only JUST BEGUN! Our minds can't even fathom what God has in store for us!

1 Corinthians 2:9
However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him" —

I have no idea what our sweet little man is doing up there... I just know I can't wait to get my arms around him again!

I'd like to leave YOU with a challenge today.. Brent LOVED doing things for others... so my challenge is THIS... In his memory today, how about doing something *extra* for someone else? It might be holding the door open for the next person in town, calling someone who's sick or shut in, or it might be going as far as cooking a meal and taking it to someone. You know, sometimes something as little as a SMILE and a nod will make someone's day. Let's just show the LOVE of JESUS to EVERYONE we meet! =-)

Again, I'd like to say, "THANKS," for taking a moment to remember him. Your support means the world to us!

With LOVE,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me!, Monday

Hello, Friends...

It's time for another...

That's right, this is a time that's set aside just so that we can tell all. Well, maybe - or maybe NOT! ;-)

As for me, and what I didn't do this past week...

I didn't pre-schedule my "Not Me!" Monday post, only to forget to come back and sign the "Mr. Linky" on MckMama's blog BEFORE we left for our vacation! I mean, I KNEW we were about to go out of town and all.. I remembered to type up and schedule the post.. I surely wouldn't forget to "link" back, now would I?? No, that'd be just silly.

While we were on "said vacation" I didn't get down in the creek WITH the kids and try to take advantage of a "teachable moment" only to prove what a DINGBAT, I REALLY AM!

(That's me in the picture, the skinny blond... HA!!!!!!!! Oh, that's SO NOT TRUE! That's my niece, Ashley) Hehehe... That was a FOR REAL, NOT ME! kind of fib, I mean, joke! (I wasn't in this photo, obviously.. anyway, back to the story...LOL!)

I mean, who would try to tell their children that, "It's in creeks just like these that people go and pan for gold"? Then, this same unnamed person wouldn't freak out because while she's holding a bunch of tiny little rocks from the creek bed she spots something shiny just beneath them in her hand!

That "something shiny" wouldn't be my, I mean, her wedding band, "shining THROUGH" those rocks! I mean, even I couldn't accidentally fool myself, now could I?? (We won't mention the earlier post where I talked about accidentally "greeting" mannequins and even myself when I walked past a mirror in town)

Nope, not me! I'm way too savvy for all that!

Okay, so I AM a ditzo, and I DO a LOT of really CRAZY things all week long. However, to preserve SOME of my dignity.. I'll stop here. (At least for THIS week)

Now, on a different note.. we will try to honor/remember our PRECIOUS Brent's birthday by celebrating his life with a giveaway. (Because he was never more happy than when he was giving something to someone)

His 13th birthday would've been on Tuesday, October 28. I'll announce then the winner of the prize package sometime Tuesday morning. (For more info click HERE, or the gift/logo below)

[Click here to find out more]

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and your email address. (If you don't want to leave your email, then make SURE you check back Tuesday to see if you've won)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for celebrating Brent's AMAZING life with us!