Monday, September 28, 2009

Eat Chili's today - Help St. Jude =-)

YIKES! I almost forgot to mention that by eating at Chili's today you'll be helping fund research for St. Jude. Yes, Chili's will be donating 100 PERCENT of their profit from today to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!!

I thought that before I go I'd share a picture of Brent from a few years back. We'd gone on out one of these Chili's/St. Jude events to do our part. ☺ In the pic below is our precious Brent with Madelyn Beamon (another "Heaven Healed Neuroblastoma Warrior"), her mom Brandi, her Daddy Neal, and her brother Tyler. It's so hard to believe that so many children we knew from St. Jude are in Heaven now. Research is DESPERATELY needed and funding is the key. What better way to help out than eating at Chili's? Can you think of a better place to eat lunch/supper today? (I mean, if you were eating out anyway.. haha)

This is a pic of Brent with his cousin Clay, who was also one of his very best friends. ☺

Thanks for putting up with me twice in one day.. LOL! I hope you have a GREAT week!


a yummy freebie while supplies last!

Hello, Friends!

As much as I'd like to do a heartfelt post this morning, I just don't have the time. I DO however want to let you in on something I just found out about. If you click, you'll have the chance to submit a time-saving idea and get a coupon for FREE uncrustables. When the page opens click on "see details". HURRY, it's only open to the first 20,000 entries!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

zach found a treasure today..

Hello, Friends!

This will be a quick post because I'm afraid I'd be an emotional mess if I try to put too much into this one. Zach was playing on one of Brent's old laptops and found some video footage of Brent that I don't remember seeing before.

It's a TRUE blessing to find these little "footprints" that Brent left behind, but OH SO HARD on the heart! (I just LOVE to hear Brent's voice.. I LOVE the country twang that they all have.. precious, PRECIOUS memories!)

I'll end by saying that I'm SO VERY THANKFUL that Brent KNEW our LORD and that we KNOW he's in Heaven waiting for us! What a TRUE JOY it is to have the BLESSED HOPE of an ETERNITY with our JESUS!

Friday, September 18, 2009

how to save BIG with coupons..

Hello, Friends!

Okay, so as I mentioned yesterday I will be sharing some money-saving tips I've gleaned from a couple of friends (and of course my sister-in-law who is also my friend). Image hosted by

See, I've not been the most frugal of all folks - in fact, I've hardly been frugal at all. Now, I'll be the FIRST to "google" for coupons when I'm shopping online. It's really just too easy to not do it, but when it came to clipping coupons.. well, I had a BAJILLION excuses NOT to. (Mostly just carelessness)

The Bible has PLENTY to say about making wise decisions and managing what God has given us. As I thought about what it means to be a helpmeet to my husband and the decisions I make daily, a couple of verses came to mind...

Proverbs 31:17-18

17 She sets about her work vigorously;
her arms are strong for her tasks.

18 She sees that her trading is profitable,
and her lamp does not go out at night.

Obviously I have NOT been the most helpful helpmmet, but "PRAISE THE LORD, I SAW THE LIGHT"~ (Sorry, I just remembered watching David Crowder sing this on YouTube) Check it out if you've got a second... Image hosting by TinyPic

Okay, so I'll stop with the rambling and move on to what I've learned... Image hosting by TinyPic

First, I got started by checking a few sites online. My FAVORITE is The Grocery Game. Yes, there is a small fee, but it is BY FAR the EASIEST to use and will pay for itself the FIRST time you shop! (It's the easiest to use for me anyway) Oh, and did I mention there is a FREE trial membership to The Grocery Game? You can watch this quick video that will give you an idea how this program works....

I did find another site that helps you plan your shopping list the way the other does, but it just doesn't seem to be as easy to understand and takes a little longer to map out. (A plus for this one is that it's FREE!) It's I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this site too because from there you can print FREE coupons!! (These aren't the little .25 ones that you get in the newspapers - though I DO clip those too.. MANY of the ones on this site are $1.00 or more!)

So whether you decide to go with The Grocery Game or Coupon Mom, the idea is the same. Your goal will be to use your coupons buying ONLY the items that are on sale. Under the FAQ'S on the The Grocery Game they tell you that they know when items are at their lowest price and that's when they recommend you buy them. (Thus NEVER paying full price for anything)

Since I've started shopping this way, I've knocked a HUGE HOLE in the amount I'd normally spend. For instance, tonight I stopped in Kroger and spent 29.00, but I SAVED $25! Granted, grocery stores are usually much higher than shopping somewhere like Walmart, but the idea is that you ONLY buy the "loss leaders". (Those are the items that the stores cut WAY DOWN just to get you in the store.. THOSE are the items we use our coupons for to get MAXIMUM savings!!)

It's really fun to shop this way because you'll get items that you might not normally splurge on. For instance, this week I got an AirWick Automatic Spray Kit similar to this one...
for only .99 and it lists in Kroger for about $13! (Or about $10 at Walmart) It was on my "Terri's List" for the week and I was just beside myself when I got it for UNDER $1! (I know, I'm WAAAYYY TOO EASILY amused) Image hosting by TinyPic

Another cool thing about couponing??? If you have a Kroger Card (you get those in the store by filling out a quick little questionnaire) you can load coupons on it BEFORE you ever leave home. However, what REALLY gets me about this is that it will take the coupon that you've loaded on your card AND a paper coupon on the SAME item! (However, the coupons on the card WON'T double.. but I'm pretty sure the paper ones DO up to .55 and then you STILL get the coupon you loaded from home!) You can do this by going to and registering your shopping card. Then you pick out the coupons you want and it automatically loads them! Oh, I keep talking about Kroger.. they are one of the major chains in my area.. works with SEVERAL DIFFERENT stores. You can find a list of their partner stores HERE.

Again, the idea is to buy things that are at their "rock bottom" price. (Avoiding other things unless necessary) Last week Kroger had a 10 for $10 sale. I had coupons on at least two of the items so I paid only .50 per item instead of $1. (I can't remember for the life of me what those items were.. LOL) Kroger doesn't even require you to actually BUY all 10 of the 10 items.. ANY item that's listed within that sale will be $1 each. I REALLY LOVE to find the "buy one get one" sales! With these you can use TWO coupons (one on each item) bringing your total even LOWER!!

Okay, I think I've rambled enough for one day. If I think of any other major secrets that I've learned I'll share them in my next post. I wish you all HAPPY shopping! Image hosting by TinyPic

Wait! Before I sign off I wanted to "link" you to my friend Molly. She's one of the friends I've been gleaning from. She also has a post here on how to save BIG at CVS! I think Molly actually explained this MUCH MORE CLEARLY than I just did. Image hosting by TinyPic

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend! If you're new to this too, don't forget to get your Sunday paper! The larger ones usually have a LOT of coupons in them. (Another heads-up.. the paper on September 27 is supposed to have over $90 in P&G coupons!) Go HERE to sign up for a sample and some GREAT manufacturers coupons!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wow, I CANNOT believe it's been so long since I've posted here! I have so much to share with you but really have NO IDEA where to begin. I suppose I can start by saying that I've MISSED all of you (my bloggy buddies)! Oh, I'll also go ahead and tell you that I plan to do two posts this morning. I'd promised some friends that I'd give the details on a new hobby I've started, but I don't want to mix that in with all the "blah, blah, blah, blah-blah" that I'll be doing. Image hosted by

(Still fumbling to find a starting place.. heehee)

Let's see, summer came and went.. we had a pretty nice garden until the CROWS found it. HA! (They even ate my tomatoes while they were STILL GREEN!) I decided I'd just give up on the yummy red fruit and focus on my bell peppers, cucumbers, and green beans. Guess what?? Our baby cows found a nice ditch under the fence that they could fit through and they ended up finding my green beans! (Seriously, I'm thinking the garden was NOT supposed to happen this year.. HA!) I won't complain, we DID get several pints of bell pepper and green beans in the freezer and were pretty much sick of the cucumbers before they ever went bad, so all was not lost. Image hosted by

As for more personal details - We really enjoyed our free time and just being together. The boys did what boys do - they STAYED dirty! LOL (Of course that means that I also conquered mountains and mountains of laundry, but don't feel too sorry for me, I make them help a LOT!) Image hosted by

HMMMM... right in the middle of my typing up this post this morning the hubby got up and started getting ready to get out for the day. (Little things like THIS are what keep me from posting.. HA! That's NOT a complaint, there is NOTHING I'd rather do than take care of my family.. I'm just sayin'.. that's all) Image hosted by

So NOW it's mid-afternoon instead of morning.. I'll TRY to pick up and keep going..

Okay, this will likely be THE MOST scatterbrained post I've done yet, but I'm DETERMINED to get SOMETHING up TODAY! Oh, speaking of.. the "two" that I mentioned earlier are not going to happen. I'll post tomorrow with the deets on my hobby. (Just a hint.. it's COUPONING! I've TOTALLY FLIPPED OUT over this new way to shop!)

Before I go, I want to let you in on something I found out this morning. The lady that did my blog makeover is having a giveaway for her birthday. (It's TODAY) She'll be giving away a bloggy makeover for some BLESSED person that enters TODAY! Hop on over and wish her a happy birthday if you'd like and be sure to get YOUR name in the hat! (Click the link just above or the graphic below)

I'll HOPEFULLY check back first thing in the morning! (Oh, and THANKS SOOOOO MUCH for the sweet nudges to get back out here and start blogging again - YOU are some of my very BESTEST friends, and I ♥ YOU VERY MUCH)

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