Wednesday, August 29, 2012

help your friends out and make money.. say WHAT??? :)

Hello, Friends! I know it's been FOREVER since I've posted.. this one will be short and sweet. I really wish I'd have thought to share this business opportunity with you WEEKS ago. (My bad. So sorry!)

At any rate.. there is this wrap.. an AWESOME wrap. It can literally tone and tighten your tummy (or whatever area you wrap) in only 45 minutes. Crazy, right?? It REALLY does work! At any rate.. I'd LOVE to sell you one, but today I'm offering you a chance to become a distributor yourself. See, until September 1st, you can buy your It Works! kit for only $99. After that it'll cost $199. It gets better -- in your kit you'll get a box of 4 wraps that will more than pay for itself! NO kidding!!! Click on the picture above for all the information you'll need to get an idea how much money you can make. (In this case, the sky truly is the limit)  The wraps work so well they actually sell themselves. The lady who just signed under me told me this is the easiest job she's ever had. AWESOME!

Oh, and did I mention that if you get in before the deadline you'll be qualified to earn the $10,000 GET OUT OF DEBT BONUS?? They give you four months to earn it - a VERY GENEROUS amount of time. ;) The lady I signed under earned hers in UNDER TWO months. WHOOHOO!!!

Okay, so $99 to sign up until September 1st.. the ONLY requirement is that you order a minimum of $80 a month each month after to maintain your distributor status. That part is easy - again, invest it in wraps and you'll DOUBLE your investment. This is such a great opportunity for those who work in the public. (Salons, gyms, spas.. ANYWHERE! Of course they also sell like crazy through facebook) ;)

Please check out my personal website if you're interested. You may also email me at