Wednesday, May 20, 2009

random pics and a blog award..

Hello, Friends!

I'm FINALLY updating my blog with actual family photos. I enjoy capturing fun memories, but then seldom get them uploaded. (I SO NEED to get MOTIVATED)

Anyway, the first pics I'll share with you are of the boys *new* clubhouse. See, the boys have been asking Link FOR-EEEVVV-ER for some sort of tree house, fort, whatever. Well, Link's dad found this 30-something year old camper and it made for a MUCH CHEAPER clubhouse than we could've built. Here, I'll let you see for yourself. LOL!!

The REALLY FUNNY thing about their new ride is that they protect it as if it were made of GOLD or something. Check out this picture.. notice their BOOTS OUTSIDE the camper????? They don't even do that when they come in our HOUSE!

Here's a shot of Gabe lounging in the top sleeper..

this one was made from inside the camper..

and here's Zach....

These next shots were taken yesterday just after the pool people had pulled out the liner. The boys couldn't WAIT to get in there and check it out!

Now how's THIS for GROSS???? This DISGUSTING water is coming STRAIGHT from our pipes! My hubby called the folks that are over our water system last night. They'll be out today to get water samples. We were MORTIFIED! Granted, the water may look like this out of ANY water system when you're seeing this much in one place, but we're not used to seeing it.

Oh yeah, and before I go.. I wanted to share that I was honored with this blog award

from my new friend Sarah (God's Not Finished With Us Yet)
THANKS SO MUCH, Sarah! You are TOO SWEET! Now, I ALWAYS cheat and NEVER name anyone specifically for the awards I get. I just CANNOT make myself choose just a handful of people. (I'm wimpy like that) I hope you'll forgive me??? Image hosting by TinyPic

Until next time...


He And Me + 3 said...

Super cute fort. My friend growing up had an old boat for a fort. It was the cool. Those pictures of the boys enjoying their fort are so cute. congrats on the award too. I just love Sarah.

April said...

That is one cool place to hang out! I wouldn't mind one, myself! They are going to have a ball! Oooo...that pool water is pretty disgusting! Hope you get everything up and running, again, soon! Congrats on your awesome award!

Melanie said...

Hey, Tonya! Love the boys new hangout. Too funny they won't wear their boots inside. :)

Congrats on the award!

Anonymous said...

You're getting SPOILED with them awards girlie!! :o)

Is that a pool of poo? You can spell it like this, "pool"

:) I couldn't resist LOL

I loved the pictures, I used to camp out in a trailer exactly like this but instead of boots.. I laid out a cage filled with pet rats, hey... it did the trick ;)

Susan said...

Oh how precious!!!

Now that is one cool club house!! My boys would of loved that for sure.

The pool looks so big without water huh?

Thanks for sharing and congrats on your award, I totally agree!

Love and miss you my friend!!

I'll be home tomorrow, finally. I'm so ready to get out of here.


LisaShaw said...

Loved the photos sweetie until...

the pipe water.. oh boy.

Congratulations on the award! You are such a sweetie. Love you.

Jennifer said...

Oh Tonya....I'm still laughing at the boys' leaving their boots on the "outside" HA! Oh the joys of getting a pool ready for some summer fun!!

(I emailed ya)

By the way, I like your new look..I love the colors....

Have a great Memorial Day weekend~~

Beth E. said...

Ummmm....I don't think ANYBODY'S water is supposed to look like THAT! Ewww...please let us know the outcome of their water samples! In the meantime, stay outta the pool! LOL

Susan Foster said...

How cool to have a camper as a club house! Be careful that they don't stay in too long when it gets real hot outside. I am sure the temp in there will rise quite quickly just like in a car.

BigJandLittleA said...

I love the new digs for the kids! How cool!

Sasha German

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Love the pics. How funny (and precious) that they take their shoes off in their camper. Shows what "possession" does for us. They see the camper as their own and boy don't we take care of our own things better than others. It shouldn't be that way but it's our flesh.

I bet it's such a treat to have their own club house, tree house, camper house.

Love the pool.

I didn't know that underground pools had liners.

Mylissa said...

Ok, I LOVE the Winnebago. That is so Link. Hysterical!!! My boys will love it too when they come down next.
Now - good for you with the eating/excercising! I will pray you can find a happy medium where it fits for you and your family. :) as a mom, that can be the hardest part - you still have to feed everyone else. Let me know if you want more ideas/tips/etc. I do feel really good - I am thankful. And even though i haven't seen much "weight loss" i can tell i am toning up for sure, so i feel stronger. :)
And no way are you "staying at a hotel" and hopefully y'all will come to see us b4 then :)
love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi - What a shocker to see you actually/finally updated Brent's site - truly I understand how difficult it is - and the need for moving forward with old friends yet keeping Brent snuggled securely in your heart. Always do what feels right for you and KNOW that Brent would approve for sure.
Love the boys new "home away from home" - very creative and the envy of all their friends/cousins I am sure. Really did laugh at their housekeeping rules - maybe you should ask Link's dad to install laundry facilities too!
Been real distracted and busy trying to get Jarred settled into graduate school - housing became a nightmare - not any better at last minute than I am at multi-tasking. The situation was very upsetting - especially because it was preventable - which really adds insult to the hurt feelings Jarred had and extra stress & expenses Neil and I will have as a consequence. We are for sure NOT losing site of the relief we feel in that it IS a situation that we can fix!
Enjoy the weekend - we are playing catch-up here with all the time spent distracted from our "responsibilities". Talk to you soon....Blog looks great by the way - but I do hope when your heart allows you still add some Brentisms as it will always be the Nason 5! XXOO-Love, me

Milk Mama said...

Oh my gosh. Looking at those photos of the boys brought a smile to my face! That's a great hideout!!! :D