Friday, October 2, 2009

love, love, LOVE these boys!

The last post I did was to encourage everyone that wanted to, to eat at Chili's on a certain day and support St. Jude. (I was asked by someone in the comments if this fundraiser would be at all locations and I never got to answer - SO SORRY! Had sick kiddos and were gone to the docs office.. it was an all day run)

Anyway, on to what I wanted to share today.. ☺

While our son, Brent, was sick, we met lots of wonderful people, many through his caringbridge site. The two families that I'll be sharing with you today QUICKLY became FAMILY to us.

You've probably heard me talk about my friend Susan? (She's a friend/spiritual mom to me) Then there's Jill, she's another sister with an incredibly STRONG faith! she and her son Cooper flew all the way here to take part in "Brent Nason Day" back in September 06..

(Pictured: Brent and Ash in the chair, starting on the left in the back.. Zach, Gabe, Clay and Cooper)

Jill and Susan are also long time prayer warriors for our family.. I SO LOVE these ladies and their precious families!)

So our buddy Jordan (which is Susan's son) and our friend Cooper, who is Jill's son both colored peppers for Brent. (Since Cooper doesn't have a caringbridge site, PRAISE GOD he's HEALTHY!!... I'll link you to his sister Hutton's site.. Hutton is a little MIRACLE baby... you'd be BLESSED to read her story and to get to know their family too)

My heart just melted when I saw these!

This is Cooper....

and this is our buddy Jordan...

Yes, it's just WONDERFUL to know that Brent is remembered by his friends! I literally "teared up" when I saw these pics. Precious, PRECIOUS boys!

Okay, friends.. stay tuned! I'm already working on my next post where I'll be announcing my next giveaway. (This is how we'll be celebrating Brent's life this year on his birthday) ☺

Have a WONDERFUL day!!!


Pam D said...

Hey girl.. I forgot to stop by here and thank you for the Chilis reminder. My boy and I went there and got take out last Monday, and we each colored a pepper. He did his for our friend Tyler, and I did mine for Brent. I made the pepper look like a shark, with great big teeth, and wrote "Help St. Jude's take a bite out of childhood cancer!" I put Brent's name on the back. And I think I might have had something in my eye, cause it was kinda hard to finish it up; things were a little blurry. stupid cancer.
love you!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is so so sweet! I am sure that just made your heart smile.

Reba said...

I don't think I will ever forget the Chili's St. Jude is stuck in my brain. :) I had parent/teacher conferences, but my family went without me and brought me food back home too. :)

Tea With Tiffany said...

Loved seeing these pics. Love Susan and her heart too. I don't think I know Jill? If I do, Lord, forgive me.

Thank you for being such a sweet friend!