Wednesday, January 11, 2012

finally catching up...

Hello, my sweet bloggy friends! I've been saying for a while now (give or take a couple of years) that I was gonna attempt blogging again. I'd actually planned on trying during the holidays. I'd planned on journaling Brent's last Christmas with us, but this was the first year since he left us that I wasn't struggling horribly with everything about Christmas and remembering all of the hard memories that come with it. I mostly just wanted to be happy. I wanted to look forward all of the things that I've always loved about this time of year.. besides, Brent would want us to be happy.

With that said, we did have a very nice Christmas. I struggled some with New Year's Eve, then the next two days that follow, but as always - getting Jan. 2 behind us seemed to put an end to all of the dread for another year. (That's of course NOT to say that we don't miss Brent with every breath - it's just that all of those hard memories start in October and weigh heavy on my heart right up until the day AFTER he got his Heavenly healing) I can't say all of that without saying how VERY THANKFUL we are to KNOW that life doesn't end here - that stepping over into eternity is REALLY where it all begins. We're SO THANKFUL that we KNOW that Brent is with Jesus! (I'm still thinking I may move some of those last posts from Caringbridge over so that I'll be able to find them quickly. Those were the hardest days of our lives, but def the most miraculous and beautiful as well. <3

On to other things.. I realized when I pulled up my blog that I REALLY NEED to update my photos and information on here. Zach is now 14 and Gabe is 11. They both look more like little men now, than the baby-faced pictures that I have posted here. As soon as I have time to play around and see if I can remember how everything works, I'll post new pics. ;)

I have so much to tell you. God has done some MIGHTY things in our lives. My marriage is a kagillion times better than it's ever been. (Yes, I know that kagillion isn't a word, and that if it was a word I probably misspelled it, but that's okay.. I'm weird and totally okay with that) ;) I may attempt a post highlighting all of the beautiful ways that God has brought about these changes. With all of that said -- I'm SOOOO CRAZY about my man, and eternally THANKFUL for him!

Another major change is that I've lost some weight. (Of course you already know that if we're friends on facebook)

At one point I'd lost 65 pounds, but I found a few of them back during the holidays. O:) No, worries, I'm gonna outrun them again soon. Very soon, I hope. The weight-loss thing is yet another answer to prayer. God is faithful!

Well, I think that'll wrap me up for today. I'd really wanted to jump back into blogging and truly had no idea where to start. I think I just followed my ADHD around and posted random things as they came to mind. Sorry if it was hard to follow me. HA! Maybe I'll be a little more organized in the future.

I'll leave you today with a scripture that we've been memorizing this week..

13 You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. ~ Jeremiah 29:13


Tonya said...

I can so relate and hope to have the wt. loss blessing to this year. Happy for you. Our boy has had a hard journey. Ugh. Thanks for praying.

Beth E. said...

Welcome back to blogland, sweet friend! :-)

Jennifer said...

So glad you're back.....loved reading about your sweet family. Looking forward to hearing all about the mighty wonderful things God has done and is doing. :)

Tonya said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies! I was truly going to blog more frequently, but just after this post our internet went down. We JUST got it fixed yesterday - YAY! I look forward to hanging with you all more often. <3