Monday, October 29, 2007

Pictures of our boys...

I've let another whole day pass by without signing in. I thought that since it's late, instead of updating I'd just share a few recent pictures of the boys. They are such a BLESSING. They've got the cutest sense of humor and are so much FUN! I hope they bring a smile to your face too!



Handsome boys...

Silly boys....

Okay... so much for that! Our internet is TERRIBLY SLOW and I've been "rambling" (typing) while I've been waiting for the pictures to load. If you've got a minute, kick up your feet... and I'll share my thoughts from the night with you. =-)

Zach and Gabe finished up another season of flag football tonight. This is the first year they've played with our homeschool league and I must admit it's been SO MUCH FUN! (They have played with the town league before.. some of the things are a little different) They're just so cute at these ages. Tonight was the Super Bowl! (Too funny!) Our Zachary got a flag (or two, or three - I'm sorry to say I only saw ONE of them) and GABE ran in a touch down! I wish I had video footage of it all. I'm sure you can identify. =-)

Yes, each of these stages they grow through are just PRICELESS! Our children TRULY ARE a GIFT from GOD. They carry on what we're teaching them now. It's really funny at times how our little ones will repeat EVERYTHING we do... whether we want them to or not! (He he) Well, it's the same thing with our values. If they don't see Daddy & Mama "live out" what we're telling them about how GOD expects us to live, then what we "say" will never matter. Have you ever heard the old saying, "You're living so loud I can HARDLY hear what you're saying?" I know that's been my testimony with our boys from time to time. We've been SO BLESSED to have made new friends who ARE "living it out" the RIGHT WAY! Their children are UNBELIEVABLE!

Have you ever been around families that have like TWELVE or more children and you don't HEAR any of them?? If Mom asks one of them to do something they smile sweetly and do it... IMMEDIATELY???? Have you ever walked right up on a large family like that in Walmart and you NEVER heard a peep out of their children?? Well, that IS NOT the case with us. (Ha!!) You could pick us out of any large crowd just by listening for our boys. (This is funny, but not really) Anyway... this young couple has 4 children and they are one of those families that I was just telling you about. She's been sharing passages with me on child rearing and what GOD has to say about disciplining our children. Take for instance, did you know that the Bible DOES NOT say, "Spare the rod, spoil the child?" I DID NOT KNOW THIS!! I'd have PROMISED you that this WAS SCRIPTURE! What I've recently learned is that it says, He who spares the rod - HATES his son, but he who LOVES him disciplines him PROMPTLY! (That's in Proverbs) We've learned a lot... but have SO FAR STILL TO GO!

Whoops! I didn't mean to go off rambling. I tend to do that when I get excited about something and our children are DEFINITELY something I'm PASSIONATE about! I suppose I'll wrap this up. Until next time........

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Susan said...

Hey Tonya,

I'm really enjoying your blog! The pictures were so good. Your boys are precious. I especially like the "silly pictures"!

Sorry you were not able to video yesterday. The reason I'm telling you this is because we videoed most of our boys little league games. Now get ready for this, they are GROWN men, and they STILL love watching the games and you would think it was "pro-ball" the way they view it! They still LOVE seeing themselves playing and talk like it was YESTERDAY!!!

OK, now I'm rambling...

More on the discipline kids later, sorry, can't identify with the large families with "quiet kids"!

Love you,