Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

My friend Susan "tagged" me in "Picture Me" for this "Wordless Wednesday." I chose this picture because it's one of my favorites. It's my favorite because it's one of the last that was made with our BEAUTIFUL BRENT, AND because I was about TEN POUNDS LIGHTER!! Yes, I have AGED A LOT over the past two years!

Well, since I explained why I chose THIS picture.. it's not quite a "Wordless Wednesday" now is it? He he...

Now, I'm supposed to choose someone else to "tag?" I think I'll choose Amy. I was told about this sweet lady by my friend Susan. I've visited her blog and LOVE IT! I hope you don't mind being tagged, Amy!


Amy S. said...

Nice to meet you too Tonya! I was so surprised and happy to see that I was tagged by you. It was such a pleasant surprise! Would you mind emailing your address to me?
I "LOVE" your new blog and am looking forward to visiting it often.

love and hugs...

Susan said...

Hey Tonya,

It seems like FOREVER since we talked....he he!

I love chatting with you each day, you are getting me really spoiled.

Now only if I could text and instant message huh, we'd never get things done!

I LOVE this picture of you and Brent. There is so much LOVE packed in that shot.

Thanks for sharing this!

Happy Almost Wordless Wednesday!


Heather said...

I just got caught up on Brent's site and read that you had started a blog! I LOVE IT! I know you will continue to encourage so many here.

I also wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you all as you celebrated Brent's earthly birthday. These "firsts" are never easy and I hope that God surrounded you with peace.

I can't wait for the baby news . . . will be checking in often for the update. Adoption is such a beautiful blessing!

Love & FROG,

Reba said...

I was actually at Susan/Jordan's site and saw your site mentioned...I hadn't realized you had started a new blog. I am glad I found it! I haven't done a good job signing in, but it doesn't mean I don't think about you! I will be praying for that adoption process for Bibby. You should have Link talk to my husband. We are on adoption #2...both times my husband got more excited once we were IN process and had a child identified. I think it is a lot like pregnancy. It is a scary thought, but once they face it, they cannot imagine life any other way. :)

Lynn said...

Saw "Wordless Wednesday" and just had to laugh. Yeah...right!
I've always loved this pic so much, too! Glad I stopped by to see it!