Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Making a Difference!

Hello, Friends!

I hope to log on in the next day or two to share some funky pictures from my garden, (WILD and CRAZY veggie pictures!) but TODAY I wanted to invite you to join me in something that can make a difference.

I got an email from American Express and this is what it said...

Join Cardmembers to make a positive impact.

Whether you want to protect the environment, save our schools, or fund the arts, Members Project® is your chance to help choose which projects will share $2.5 million in funding from American Express. Last year, Members Project brought clean drinking water to over 3.9 million children across Africa. What happens this year is up to you.

Here's how you can get involved:

1) Join the discussion. Find a project you're passionate about, discuss it with other supporters, and help campaign on its behalf. Spread the word. Get your family and friends involved.

2) Nominate Projects. You have until September 1, 2008 to nominate your favorite projects to help them advance to the top 25.

3) Cast your vote. Beginning September 9, 2008 vote on the top 25 projects to help decide which ones will get $2.5 million in funding from American Express.

I've gone and checked to see if any of our "favorite charities" are listed and they weren't. I DID, however, find that there is one for childhood cancer. If you'd like to help out, please click here.

I think you'll have to register, but it only takes a couple of minutes. If it makes your register first, and you can't find your way back to the "Sunshine Project," then just come back here and follow the links out. As of this moment.. there are ONLY NINE hours left to nominate! (Okay, I'm a little confused.. if you look at the top of their site, there is a "countdown" going on. It says that projects are due TODAY. Then, in the body of this email it says you can nominate until September 1. Oh, well! I hope it's something that EVERYONE JUMPS right on!!)

THANKS SO MUCH for your help!


(PS... you DON'T have to be a "cardmember" to vote. You can sign in as a visitor by simply providing some information.. again, it only takes a few minutes. It MIGHT make a WORLD of difference in childhood cancer research)

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