Wednesday, August 6, 2008

100th post

Morning my Friends!

I cannot believe it's been SO LONG since I've last posted. This summer has FLOWN by! I've been gardening like CRAZY, trying to keep the house running, and attempting to make the most of every moment with the boys. I promise to update again soon to fill you in.. for now. I'll go. This update will be LONG enough without any added rambling. LOL!!!

Thanks SO MUCH for keeping check! I'll "talk" with you soon? =-)

100 things about me-

1) I was born in on November 12, 1973

2) I am the firstborn of 2 girls.

3) My sister's name is Kerry, she's been my best friend since, well since FOREVER!

4) I was raised in part by my godly Grandmothers (while parents worked)

5) My family (all offspring from my Mom's Mom) boasts children, grands, great grands and great - great grands all while my grandmother is still alive. (There are more than 150 of us)

6) I've been taught about GOD and salvation through faith in Christ my entire life. There has NEVER been a day that I didn't "believe."

7) I'm not sure when my salvation experience happened. I remember asking GOD to save me at a pretty young age, but it wasn't until I was grown and married that I ever KNEW for SURE. (I never got in the WORD and developed a relationship with CHRIST before then. All those times before I was merely going on what I'd heard preachers say)

8) My first "best friend" was Dallas Byars. Her family moved and she went to another school very early on. My other "best friends" in elementary school were Holly, Robyn, and my cousins Stephanie and Michelle.

9) In high school my very best friend was Brad Tomlinson. We got into more "stuff" than I can recall. My sister and I being the "dingbats" that we were decided to do something nice for him one day. We picked up his car and took it to wash it up. It was REALLY MUDDY! Guess how we got the mud off??? Brillo pads. No, I'm not kidding... and YES, we really were that DITZY! He was sweet and NEVER said a word - even though we put some nice circular scratches in his paint job.

10) I was a bit nerdy up until around the 7th or 8th grade. (LOL!) I didn't "fit in" anywhere. Because of this I'm EXTREMELY sensitive to EVERYONE's needs and burdens. I know what it's like to be an outcast.

11) When I FINALLY started "coming out" I was on the homecoming court every year until my senior year. Then I was crowned homecoming queen.

12) I've had VERY FEW close friendships in my life. I TRULY TREASURE those that I have, and the new ones I make.

13) My first jobs included babysitting, waitressing, then working at a daycare center

14) I recently shared how Link & I met, it was in my junior year of high school. You can read about it here.

15) Link wanted to ask me to marry him on the night I graduated, but the ring wasn't ready.

16) We married on September 4, 1992.

17) We honeymooned in our first home - a mobile home.

18) I was CRAZY enough to think that by marrying on Labor Day weekend that from then on we'd ALWAYS go out of town and do something "special" since it WAS a holiday after all. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little did I know it was the opening of Dove season.

19) For fun, Link used to take me to the go cart tracks in a local town.

20) I wanted babies almost IMMEDIATELY - Link didn't care, so our quest for children began pretty soon after we married

21) Thinking I'd never have a baby of my own, I used to cry as my friends and some close family members were one by one finding out that they were "with child"

22) Being naive I failed to make the connection and realize why we weren't conceiving. (I later learned there was only ONE day out of the whole month that this is possible - give or take a day or two depending on perfect circumstances)

23) Finally, we learned our first baby was due! I say "we"... I took the test while I was at home, but it wasn't confirmed until I went to the doctor's office. I called Link while he was out with his Daddy and told him our GREAT news!

24) Our firstborn was a son. We named him "Lincoln Brent Nason." (Lincoln is my husband's birth name and he was named after his father so Brent was actually named in part after his daddy and grampa)

25) Two years later (almost to the date) we had our second child - Zachary David Nason. (My dad's name is David - thus Zach's middle name)

26) I became pregnant again and was expecting our third child in August 2000. I found out in my first trimester that the baby had been dead for 3 weeks. (I never showed any signs of miscarriage. We only found out because they couldn't find it's heartbeat at my next appointment)

27) Three months later we were "expecting" again. Again, we had a beautiful baby boy. His name is Gabriel Reed Nason. Link suggested the name "Gabe." When I looked up the meaning I found it meant "God is my Strength," since we'd just lost a baby it was PERFECT! Gabe's middle name was chosen because it's my Mam-Maw's maiden name.

28) Our life was all "happily ever after" until we learned that Brent had cancer.

29) One of the worst days of my life was hearing those survival rates - 1/3 - 1/4 chance beyond two years. After relapse, there was no hope given.

30) Brent was my other "VERY BEST FRIEND!" He'd gotten old enough that enjoyed "running to town with Mama."

31) Some of my fondest memories are of trips that Brent & I made alone to Memphis.

32) My first time on an airplane EVER was when we took Brent to Vermont in hopes of finding a cure for him. I'll never forget how he took my hand when that plane took off (he could see the fear on my face) and said, "It's okay, Mom, I'm here."

33) Some of the most frightening days of my life were those spent in Vermont.

34) The most horrible day of my life was on January 2, 2007 - the day Brent went HOME to be with the LORD. (Although there were so many hard days before that as we watched him endure unbelievable pain, yet he maintained the sweetest attitude)

35) I've had to learn how to stop doing things in "threes." (My first really hard memory after coming back home was the morning after he passed. I went to fix the boys some chocolate milk and out of habit I removed three cups from the cabinet)

36) I've learned that JESUS truly IS my ROCK! HE'S my JOY in midst of my heartache.

37) I've learned that it's okay to meet with other believers in our homes (There is no calling for buildings to be built in the New Testament. I'm not saying that to make you think your way of church is wrong, just in defense of our way)

38) We started meeting in homes after we lost Brent. The church we'd been members of had built a new sanctuary and our first time back in was for Brent's wake and funeral. After that, it was just too hard.

39) We met with some friends and as we studied God's Word we realized that we weren't doing anything wrong in meeting the way we were so we eventually quit pushing ourselves to go back.

40) We base how we meet on 1 Corinthians 14.

41) Yes, I know this is going in every direction but I'm trying to figure out how in the world I'll make it to 100! LOL!!!

42) We just celebrated my Mam-Maw's turning 101! (Her birthday was July 30)

43) I had my first "real" garden this year)

44) Now I have MORE cucumbers than I know what to do with! (If you live near us and would like some... PLEASE, call me?) =-)

45) I went into the corn field for the first time EVER this year. (The grass is nearly as tall as I am in there! Okay, so I'm only about 5'3"... still, it was CREEPY!)

45) I learned that pulling corn can be a dangerous sport! (I managed to slice the tip of one finger - the cut was REALLY deep! I also had about 3 other cuts on my hand. Those felt and looked like the ones you'd get from paper cuts)

46) I also learned that carrying corn on your arms will make you ITCH like CRAZY later!

47) I'm happy to say that I survived my corn-pickin' ordeal. HEHEHEHE!

48) I'm thinking there is NO way POSSIBLE that I'm going to be able to post 100 things about myself in this update!

49) Did I mention that I have 4 nieces and one nephew?

50) Did I mention that I LOVE babies??

51) After having 3 boys I ESPECIALLY enjoy hanging with the girls. ;-)

52) YIKES!!! I'm only a little more than halfway through and I've got NOTHING!

52) Okay, I think I forgot to mention that I homeschool our boys?

53) My favorite colors are yellow, pink, orange, peach, green, and lime green

54) My favorite foods are ANYTHING Mexican, most anything Italian, burgers, salads, and of course FRIED chicken. (LOL!) Yes, that explains why I'm not the dainty little thing I was when Link & I married

55) I have blue eyes - LOL! (Getting stressed here... nowhere close to 100 yet!)

56) Did I mention that I HATE bugs??? YEP, there are only about two that I'll actually pick up

57) I don't like snakes

58) I don't like sticks that look like snakes

59) I don't like to look inside some one's eye (As if I were looking for a bug or something... it grosses me out)

60) I've never been hospitalized for anything other than having babies.

61) With our last baby (Gabe) I was only in for a day and a half. (I've been REALLY BLESSED with SUPER FAST recoveries)

62) After losing Brent, Link & I have grown TREMENDOUSLY CLOSER! GOD took something TERRIBLE and brought a BLESSING out of it! Our marriage is better than ever now

63) I used to hate football, but learned to love it when Brent & Zach started playing

64) My favorite pro teams are NY Giants, Indianapolis Colts, and I also enjoy the Green Bay Packers

65) Brent's favorite college team was MSU (Mississippi State Bulldogs) so that's the one we pull for! We also like Ole Miss.. UNLESS they're playing State.

66) I don't care much for reading, but I do love my Bible

67) One of the other greatest books EVER is, "Created To Be His Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl. If you apply the biblical principals t will CHANGE YOUR MARRIAGE for the better!!!!!!!!

68) Two of the hardest principals from the book (and also the Bible) are for me to be submissive to Link in ALL circumstances (no I don't always get it right) and for me to keep my mouth SHUT! (I mean realizing that he can find a parking spot without me.. (Imagine that??)

69) JESUS is my EVERYTHING! (Yes, that SHOULD'VE been NUMBER ONE on this list of 100 things..)

70) One of my VERY BEST FRIENDS was a lady I met though our son's websites. Her name is Susan and she is ONE AMAZING LADY!

71) I'm NOT looking forward to our boys growing up! (I don't want them to leave me) =-(

72) I'm praying for godly women for each of them!

73) I know that GOD is AWESOME even when what HE does doesn't make sense to us

74) I've learned that we can't always pull a scripture from the Bible and "claim it."

75) We made that mistake when praying for Brent's healing. We have to remember that ONE verse that says "If we ask anything according to HIS WILL."

76) Those "name it and claim it" teachings are WRONG! The Bible teaches over and over that we (as Christians) should EXPECT struggles and trials!

77) I'm thankful that I don't need a human to go to GOD for me (as was in the Old Testament) JESUS is that BEAUTIFUL Life-line that keeps GOD'S children in CONSTANT contact with HIM!

78) I've made MANY mistakes and wrong choices in my life. I'm also thankful for 1 John 1:9. It tells us that if we confess our sins HE is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness! (GLORY, GLORY!)

79) Random again.. I'm trying desperately to make it to 100.... One of our favorite Christian singers is Jeremy Camp. Our friend Mark Horrocks from Habitat for Hope arranged for Brent to get to meet him!

80) I love the smell of a clean baby! (Random again, I know)

81) I LOVE to hear my boys ramble... SOMETIMES! LOL!!

82) I wish there were more hours in the day! O=-)

83) I wish I were more BOLD for Christ!

84) I WISH there was a CURE for cancer! =-/

85) I pray that our next president will be chosen not based on the color of his skin, or the party that he represents, but based on his MORALS and convictions

86) My favorite seasons are fall and spring (Random again, but I'm ALMOST there!)

87) I LOVE the newness of Spring - the colors and the smells

88) I LOVE to watch the colors change in the Fall - and the COOL AIR that starts to pour in!

89) I LOVE HUGS & KISSES from our boys (and of course Link)

90) I love to snuggle

91) I'm THANKFUL for the TRUE friends that GOD has blessed me with (Did I say that already)

92) I'm thankful for all of YOU, my online friends!

93) I'm THANKFUL that this list is almost ended and I apologize if I made you sleepy... HA!!

94) I LOVE that my family lives close by

95) I'm fascinated with weather and space - GOD'S CREATION is mind-boggling!

96) WHOO-HOO! This is ALMOST DONE! I'm getting TIRED!

97) I wish that everyone I know and love would accept JESUS as their LORD and SAVIOR! (He IS the Christ - email me, let's talk if you don't believe?) =-)

98) I'm getting hungry

99) I think I'll have an egg sandwich for breakfast - HA!!!!!!!!

100) I LOVE & APPRECIATE you for sitting through this! Again, my apologies for keeping you. Hehehehe

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Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Yeah! You are back!
Missed you and loved your 100 post. You are so fun and wish I was closer-I'd pickle those cucumbers with you. :)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Hey there my friend. So glad to see my blog list showed you had a new post.

I read all 100. I liked the ones where you were trying to pass the time to get to 100.

We have much in common I see. I have blue eyes. I'm a little taller at 5' 5". I HATE snakes. They scare me to death. You are only three months older than me as I was born Feb. 74. I wish I was more bold for Christ. I wish there were a cure for cancer as I've seen many die from it. I agree we need a moral president. I hate to see Bush leaving office. I love the cool fall air and the gorgeous fall colors. Who could believe that "dead" things in nature could be SO beautiful...only with our great Creator. I love to snuggle and love hugs and kisses (from nieces and my beloved.) My beloved and I were ALWAYS touching...sitting by each other, holding hands in the store, car, everywhere. We love physical contact. I miss that SOOOO much. I still have you on my prayer list for continued healing and strength over the loss of Brent. Please continue to keep me and my beloved (Chris) in your prayers. I'm still standing in the gap and believing for God to remove the enemy's deceit and turn his course back to God's path and a restored marriage.

Sheryl said...

So glad to "hear" from you. And let me be honest here, I don't usually read people's 100 things posts. However, I read everyone of your! Really, I did!

Your love for Jesus and your family always comes through, but it really did today! You are one amazing woman and an inspiration to all of us.

You know could have listed all your favorite colors separately - ha!! But you did great finding 100 things, I think I will skip that on my blog.

Well done-

A Stone Gatherer said...

I'm glad you are having a great summer! I've missed checking in with you! Wonderful list! Happy 100th post! Talk with you later!

Susan said...

Hello my precious Tonya!!!

Congratulations, YOU DID IT!!!! Yeah, I've been patiently, hmmmm sort of, waiting and waiting and WAITING for this post!

So, it was great and yes I loved learning some new things about you.

Hmmm, didn't know about them snakes. I'm with you on that for sure!

And those football teams, hey, when they play, call Rick and chat with him, I'll be busy on my computer, thank you! (or SHOPPING!!)

Hey, you forgot to mention that, come on girlfriend!!! You do like to shop, this I know...

I was shocked to read about all the grands and great grands!! This just blows me away. What a rich heritage you have indeed.

I'd love the honor of meeting your Mam-maw!!

I didn't know you were growing corn, come on! Is it sweet? Sorry about your finger, OUCH!!!

OK, maybe that is why this post took so long?????

Did I tell you Kristin finished the book Created to Be His Help Meet and it's truly transformed her marriage! Thanks Tonya!!!

I didn't know Zach's middle name was David! My Joel's middle name is David too!! Cool!!

Now about you being bold for the Lord, hey it was YOUR BOLDNESS that really convicted me and lite that fire under me! Keep preaching sista.

Finally, I could not think of any greater "HONOR" then being called your friend.

What a divine apt. God made when we brought our paths across each others.

I also got the PRIVILEGE of getting to know Brent, and for that I'll forever THANK GOD. This young man had such a purity and passion for God like none I've ever seen before and I can't imagine will again in my lifetime for sure.

Well, looks like my comment is as long as your post.

I'll be calling you soon.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin Amato said...

You are too cute! I am so glad I got to know some things about you.
Missing you, girl! When is the next visit?
Love ya, Kristin

Reba said...

Whew! You made 100 a doozy! I do one every year for my birthday and that takes me a while...I am nowhere near 100 yet (though I feel like it some days :). I loved reading all about you. A lot of it reminds me of me...not always feeling like I fit in (still), having very few close friends (but treasuring those I do). I don't know if you can like both the Bulldogs and Ole Miss. My husband, a State grad, would probably say no. :) Anyway, glad to see you post. I always enjoy them.

shan said...

I loved reading through your list. I smiled, thought, and totally enjoyed it! I might have to steal the idea:) Glad your summer is going well!

Melanie said...

Hey, Tonya! So good to hear from you. I've missed you.

I love this post! Love that you made it to 100! I passed my 100th post a couple of weeks ago and still haven't acknowledged it 'cause I can't seem to get past about 20 on my list of 100 things. If I don't watch out I'll have to a post with, oh, 250 "things about me". :)

Also read thru your other posts from the last few days. Love the note you found from Brent... what a special find! Praying for you all as you go thru this time of missing Brent a little more than usual. Also keeping Maw-Maw in my prayers!