Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wacky & Weird Tomatoes

Alright, my friends... I've FINALLY made good on my word to show you some of the weird things I've grown in my garden. Much to my dismay, there is one photo missing. I don't know if I accidentally deleted it, but it's GONE nonetheless! (It was a siamese cucumber - I GUESS that's what you'd call it? It was TWO cucumbers grown CONNECTED from one end to the other. It was REALLY ODD in appearance)

Just below are my siamese tomatoes. Actually, I think ONE was "siamese," the other was just PLAIN STRANGE! (It TRULY looked like Mickey Mouse! If ONLY I'd have thought to make the picture upside down!) Oh well, use your imagination.. hehehe

Now, in the words of Porky Pig... "Abde-abde-abea-that's all folks!"

Oh, the other post I did earlier today is just below.. ;-)


Greg P. said...

Hi Tonya:

Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I think you could probably sell that "Mouseketeer" tomato on eBay for millions!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Interesting tomatoes your growing there! At least we're not seeing the image of the virgin Mary! people would be flocking to see it!!!! Glad your blogging again!

Susan said...

Oh my, those are so funny!!

Made me smile today~

PS Now, how did they taste?

Kelley said...

Hi Tonya,
I have missed you so much! It is good to see that you are posting again. My husband planted a tomato garden this year and he was like a little kid all summer. He would go out there after work every day searching for red tomatoes! We finally hit the jackpot in mid August and had a huge harvest. Unfortunately it didn't last very long. Ours were pretty normal looking though, nothing interesting like yours haha!

Take care and I will be checking back in soon....