Monday, September 22, 2008

Boys WILL Be Boys

They actually clean up pretty well.. HEHEHE!

More pics from our "photo session" at the lake coming soon!

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Greg P. said...

Now those are boys doing what boys should do!

Almost brings a tear to my eye.

I would frame those pictures and put them in a place for all to see!

Faithful Froggers said...

Finally have a minute to catch up on your blog! I just LOVE the pictures of the boys - they just represent what an All-American boy should look like. :)

I am so glad you are feeling better. I think we all have those dark moments as we journey through grief. Thank goodness God's light always shines through.

So glad you are blogging again - I'll have to try to check in more regularly. :)

Beth E. said...

I have followed Brent's CaringBridge site for a long time, and just now found your blog.

The boys' pictures are a hoot! Did you have to hose them down afterward? They are little's such a blessing to read about their antics!


A Stone Gatherer said...

WOW! That's alot of mud!!!!They must have had a ball!!!!

Melanie said...

Hey, Tonya.. it was so good to hear from you via your comment you left over the weekend!

I have really enjoyed ready thru your latest posts and catching up with you all a bit. LOVE those pictures of the boys and the mud! Of course, I guess that's easy for me to say, I didn't have to clean them up! :)

I was sorry to read you've had some times of late where you were down. While I know this must be a natural part of grieving, I so hate to hear that you have been struggling. Please know I'm praying for you and lifting you up to the Lord.

I pray you have a great week full of many blessings!

Susan said...

Oh my, I just would just loved to take a big hose and clean them!!!

Yes, boys WILL be boys, even when they are grown MEN...

Somethings never change, sorry!

Jennifer said...

Oh how FUN! I know those boys' had tons of fun!

Reba said...

I love the pictures. I just cannot fathom how you got them clean (without getting your house really dirty). :)