Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our boy, "Pilot for a Day"


We FINALLY had a couple of our laptops fixed and there was a TREASURE of photos that I'd not seen in a VERY LONG time on there. (One of the laptops was Brent's the other was Link's)

Many of these treasures are of Brent during treatment. (The reason being is that some VERY GENEROUS ladies that work with my Aunt heard that Brent wanted a laptop - and they made SURE he got it!) SO, there are LOTS of pictures on here - YES, it's a gold mine to us!

Just below are a few pictures of Brent with Zach at an air force show. They were made while Brent was in the middle of his battle with cancer. (He was invited to their "Pilot for a Day" program)

I LOVE to find pictures of Brent showing affection to his brothers, and yet it breaks my heart to see pictures of him so pale and without hair. (I have this nice "healthy" picture of him TATTOOED on my brain - it's the one I recall when I think of him)

The boys riding on the bus they had for us... Oh, and check out Brent wearing the COOL pilot uniform they had for him! (Each of the the children that participated got one)

(This is the affectionate shot I was telling you about)

and a couple of them "horsing around"

Brent with two of the pilots.. he had an AMAZING day!

I feel like you're probably beginning to dread coming here.. I say that because I feel like I'm ALWAYS asking you to "do" something. Well, once again I'm here asking a favor. (Only THIS time it's FREE, and REALLY QUICK & EASY!) O:-)

If you have a few minutes to spare, could you watch a few VERY short videos on childhood cancer? (There are 6 in total) For every video you watch (they're about 30 seconds each) sponsors will donate 25 cents! You'll answer a question at the end of each short clip.. they get the donation whether your answer is right or not.

I PRAY that we get to see the day that NO family EVER loses another child to this HORRIBLE disease. I just can't stand the thought of another human experiencing what Brent went through. I hate the thought that some child's parents would have to watch them suffer the way we did (an so many others have with their own children).

Now, we know that Brent IS HEALED AND HEALTHY NOW! At HOME with his JESUS!

He got his Ephesians 3:20 HEALING! God HEALED Brent IMMEASURABLE MORE than ALL we could've asked for or imagined! (It was a TREMENDOUS gain for Brent - a gain so great it cannot be measured, for us.. it's the greatest loss we've ever had)

This is the way I remember him (that photo that I told you was "etched on my brain")

Again, if you have a moment please click here to watch these short little clips. (I think there were only 6 - I've forgotten already)



Melanie said...

Oh, Tonya, I will never dread coming here and visiting you! I am so glad you share ways with us that we can help fight this battle against childhood cancer.

I LOVE these pictures of Brent. I think I remember when you posted about this event on his Caringbridge page... at least it sounds very familiar to me! :)

I pray you have a blessed day today!

Susan said...

Oh, I remember those sweet pictures.

I wanted to cry many times when I saw him loving on his brothers.

Tonya, they will NEVER forget Brent and the impression he has left on their lives.

He sure left an imprint on my heart, I cherish all my memories of him. He'll always be my HERO!!

Love you!

Yes, I did the video, this was pretty neat!

Love you~

Greg P. said...

I will lift up you and your family in prayer Tonya.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by Tonya. No, I've not had anyone "personally" at St. Jude, but am a BIG BIG BIG fan! I will tell you..it all started about two years ago...I came across Brent's caringbridge site ( have no clue how I got there ) and here I am today. I've donated and donated and will continue to donate. This is something that has touched my heart and soul! I lit candles, held prayer vigils for Brent and got on my hands and knees for this child. I will never be able to express in words how your son touched me, but oh how he did and still does! I love love love the picture of him, which I believe is one of your fav's. The sun light hitting his face just perfect.

I know Zach & Gabe will hold very close and dear their memories of their brother. Memories that no one else has!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I've learned sooooo much and continue to learn about bravery, compassion, hope and mercy from your Brent.

Sound Man "G" said...

Love and prayers to you my dear friend, Tonya. I too hope and pray for a cure to not only childhood cancers, but to ALL cancer. We can and WILL beat this.

I am not sure you remember me, but we had corresponded back a couple of years ago via the Caringbridge site as well as CSN.

I am a 33 year survivor of neuroblastoma. Through the Grace and Mercy of God, I was brought through this trial.

Brent will always be in my heart. He is a mentor to me, with all that he was facing and up against, he NEVER let his faith in Jesus waver one bit. I wish everyone had the total faith that Brent did. I at one time had total faith, but over the last several years, I have started wavering and questioning things.

Thank you for allowing each of us who visit to share a little bit of your family's life.

Love in Christ,


Greg P. said...

You're welcome. Hope my post helps a little.

I'm sorry your son has a broken hand, but, that's just what boys are all about. I'm sure he's proud of his cast and wants everyone to sign it!

Reba said...

What a special treasure to get these pictures and have the computers fixed. Like we have been talking about, pictures are dear to our hearts as moms and women. I am glad you have so many of ALL your boys!

Beth E. said...

Loving the precious pictures...

Tiffany Stuart said...

Never a burden to visit you or respond to your request.

So thankful you have these precious pics.