Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back online - life is GOOD =-)

Hello, Friends!

Okay, so I'm BACK ON! WHOO-HOO! There's A LOT I've been wanting to share, but won't do it all in THIS post. For now, I was just going to fill you in on what's been going on here and then get back to work with the boys. (Remember, we home-school) =-)

SO, the computer mess wasn't the computer at all. (It was just the quickest and easiest way to explain things from my phone- since THAT'S how I did the update)

The problem, I was told, was the modem. (We have satellite internet - no high speed available HERE)

Well, we had to place an order, then wait for the man to come install it. He finally made it yesterday, and the computer was working PERFECTLY by noon.. but then we also had to have our hot water heater replaced.

When it rains, it pours, right??

So, we were busy a large portion of the afternoon getting the heater out, and the new one in. My father-in-law did all the work.. isn't he a SWEETIE???

Well, he was concerned that a pipe that carries the fumes out wasn't in place (Mr. Sam isn't a plumber - he was just taking care of things for us) Oh, did I mention that it's a GAS water heater?

SOOOOOO.. we THEN had ANOTHER man to come and help get that pipe thingy in place.

Okay.. ALL OF THAT to say that by the time all of those "helpers" came and left it was time to go to church.. and THAT, my friends, is why I didn't do a post last night.

Was this the most BORING thing you've EVER READ??? Seriously. HA!!!!!!

Okay, maybe I'll be back soon to share some photos from the bloggy giveaway we did back on Brent's birthday. (If I don't, remind me??) O:-) I'm SOOOO FORGETFUL!

Alrighty, my friends.. I hope to get to make my rounds and catch up with all OF YOU sometime today. I sure have missed you! =-)

Have a GREAT day...


Davisix said...

SOOOOO glad you have you back! I've miss you so!! xoxox Ang

Liz said...

Hooorrrraaaayyyy!!! Welcome back friend!! it sounds like you have had an interesting series of days. I am glad everything is up and running again. Looking forward to seeing those pics!!

He And Me + 3 said...


I am so glad that you are back in action for good now. I missed you much!

Belinda said...

glad you are back! have missed you. Love reading your posts and keeping up with you and your family.

Pam D said...

Yay! I've missed reading your updates and laughing at your funny stuff. BIG hugs....

Daphine said...

Hey lady! I'm glad you're back! I have REALLY missed you! I didn't think this was boring at all. As usual, you had me cracking up. lol! Welcome back!!!!

Special K said...

WELCOME BACK friend! You were missed!

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!!

Beth E. said...

Yay, you're back! My goodness, I hope you've gotten all repairs taken care of, and that everything will run smoothly now. Isn't it funny how one home repair "begats" another? Aaaand...why is it, when we have to have things worked on in our house, that we ALWAYS hear the following comment from the repairmen (say it with a twang and a drawl!), "In allll the yeeerz I been a doin' this kinda work, I ain't NEVER seen anythin' like THIS HERE!" lol

The main thing is that you all are safe...just like your blog title. Scary to think about a gas leak...

Have a great weekend, Tonya!

Melanie said...

So glad you are back online and to hear from you!

Have a blessed weekend.

CC said...

heyy, glad yoor bak! <3