Friday, November 14, 2008

Another petition..

Hello, Friends!

I'm going to keep this post short-n-sweet, and to the point!

I got an email from a dear friend asking that I sign a petition. Here's a little info that will let you know what this is about..

FOCA Would Wipe Away Every Restriction on Abortion Nationwide
This would eradicate state and federal laws that the majority of Americans support, such as:

  • Bans on Partial Birth Abortion
  • Requirements that women be given information about the risks of getting an abortion
  • Only licensed physicians can perform abortions
  • Parents must be informed and give consent to their minor daughter's abortion

FOCA would erase these laws and prevent states from enacting similar protective measures in the future.

If you believe this is wrong, PLEASE, go and sign this petition???

This little angel is just ONE of the reasons I'm THANKFUL for women who've chosen life.. Isn't she the CUTEST???? I know the picture is blurry, she'd fallen asleep in her jumper and I grabbed my cell phone to get the picture before moving her to bed.

This is my BEAUTIFUL little (ADOPTED) niece. Her name is Allie Grace and she's filled a great void in her Mommy's & Daddy's life. She's been a BLESSING to ALL that know her. I cannot imagine our lives without her.


Jennifer said...

ooh she's getting so big! What a doll she is!

Jill said...

What a precious reason for life! Every life is precious! Thanks for letting us know about this petition! I'm off to sign it now.

I have five reasons for being thankful the BM choose life!

Lots of love to you today Tonya!
Hugs and blessings, Jill

April said...

What a little sweetheart! I'm on my way to sign the petition...thanks for sharing it with all of us!

Have a terrific weekend, my friend! Be sure to stop by my blog on Sunday or Monday...I'm having a giveaway for my 100th post!

Davisix said...

What a DOLL! I love when they fall asleep at times like that. Thanks for spreading the word about the petition.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your niece is BEAUTIFUL!!

I signed the petition....I think you know my feelings on this....we would not have our beautiful daughter if her Mother chose to abort....and for that, we are thankful each and every day!!


He And Me + 3 said...

She is precious isn't she? Thanks for the info...I will have to check it out.

Susan said...

Thanks Tonya, for giving us this opportunity to make our voices heard.

And then that precious living illustration, Allie Grace.

I'm going to sign, AGAIN!!!

Love you...

(heading out to a women's retreat,I'll be in touch!)

Ashley Griffin said...

signed. i am a reason too.

Greg P. said...

Allie Grace is such a cute little "chubber".

God bless her sweet little heart!

valerie said...

Thank God little Allie's mom chose life! She is a livin' doll!

Special K said...

she IS precious!

Beth E. said...

Thank you soooo much for spreading the word! I'll definitely sign the petition. That adorable pic of Allie Grace was the perfect addition to your posting. Who could look at that precious baby and NOT fight FOCA???!

Love you