Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I wish I lived in Mayberry =o)

Okay.. I'm over it. I think... LOL! (I'm referring to my last post)

I mean, I guess I should've been born 50 years ago or something? I think I'd like to have lived back in the day when the Andy Griffith show was filmed. You know, when Barney would get all bent out of shape because someone was parking in the wrong spot, or crossing the road where they shouldn't. A time when young children could SAFELY walk around town by themselves. So, if the Bible didn't tell us that there was a time and a place for us to "exist" I might seriously think I was born in the wrong time! Hehehehe... but here's proof that I wasn't! ;-)

Acts 17:26
From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.

Isn't it COOL to know that no matter WHAT'S going on in our lives that GOD already knows about it? I mean, HE even cares so much that HE put us in just the right country, state, city... and even family! Mind boggling, isn't it?

Before I move on to something a little more serious, and a lot less fun (I mean, what's more fun than watching the Andy Griffith show??) I'll leave you with a quick little video from one of our FAVORITE shows! =-)

To the more serious stuff..

I got an email from the John McCain campaign asking that I sign a petition asking to vote "NO" on the current economic stimulus package. I know that to many families, those who are struggling, it might seem like a good idea.. but if part of the deal includes giving away millions to "special interest and high rollers" (as was stated on the petition) well, that just doesn't make sense. I know that our government has already "bailed out" large companies who then turned around and spent THOUSANDS on a trip to the spa.. and we later hear they've bought a private jet! This is WRONG! There has to be a better plan.. a way to do things without putting more burden on the working man. (Our children will PAY for the decisions we make now) If you're interested in signing this petition click HERE.

I'll sign off today in prayer...

Lord, I ask you to please guide President Obama as he leads our nation. I ask you to direct his every decision. Please help him to know the right thing, and to do it. I pray for all other governing officials, help them to seek YOUR will. I ask that You will bring conviction on our nation.. help us, LORD, to do what is right in YOUR eyes. Please give us a heart for Your people.. help us to love each other the way YOU do.

In JESUS Name, Amen


Special K said...

I add my prayers to yours for our President...he needs wisdom and he needs Godly wisdom and Godly people surrounding him and advising him!

I think Mayberry would have been a great place to live too! :) Thanks for that scripture though!!! I knew it was there just didn't know exactly where! :)

So glad to have you back around!

Pam D said...

Lord, I agree with these prayers. We need to turn back to You, and we need to go to the Source, Your Word, for advice. Not Oprah, not some power broker, or politician, or actor, or sports star. Not even some pastor, if it is his words and wisdom to which we cling. We just need to go to YOU, because Your Word is truth and life. Thanks, God, for putting me in touch with Tonya.. what a light she is for You. And I am amazed at how You can use things like Facebook, when we LET You. Oh, and blogs... You can definitely work a blog, Lord.
Tonya, I just love reading your posts, and now to be in touch on Facebook.. just wonderful! You are one sweet lady... and I'm proud to say you're my friend. I wish we were next-door neighbors in Mayberry...
Love you!

He And Me + 3 said...

Yes, Mayberry was much less complicated. I wish I lived there too. Praying everyday for the president.

Beth E. said...

Amen, amen! Praying for our president, too.

Love you

Jennifer said...

Just getting caught up on your posts...I really enjoyed yesterday and today - my goodness, this not our parent's world..or even the one I grew up in! I'm kinda sorry that my children didn't have it more like I did growing up - but, like you said, God has prepared them for a time such as this.

Grateful for your prayer for our president and nation. I echo it!

Always enjoy your posts....

Jennifer said...

AMEN! Thanks for sharing the link...and what I would give to live in Mayberry!

Kay said...

I 'heart' the Andy Griffith Show too! :)

Greg P. said...

Tonya, I can honestly remember watching the premiere of the Andy Griffith Show in 1960. I was 10. "Aint Bee" came to live with Andy and Opie.

What a great show! What a clean good show you could be proud of watching!

Mom Of Many said...

Praying right along with you for our new president and longing for Mayberry too!

Blessings from Colorado,

Stephanie said...

First of all, that is an awesome prayer at the end of your post!

Second, I know what you mean about Mayberry. When I was in middle school, I wished that I had been born in the Leave it to Beaver generation b/c of all the peer pressure I was under. Now, there is even more dangerous stuff out there, which brings me to my next point...

I think that it is good for you to be on Facebook. It will provide you with a window on how to pray for those youth that you care about, even if you can't save them from their own mistakes. There are a few young ones that Facebook has helped me understand their needs better. The internet can be such a bad influence on youth, so your wisdom can encourage them to make the right choices. There, now I have rambled!! :)

A Stone Gatherer said...

I with you! I love the Any Griffith show and wish for simpler times!