Saturday, April 4, 2009

Catching up on pics.. FINALLY!

Hello, Friends...

I thought I'd make myself sit still tonight and FINALLY post those pics that I promised from a LOOONNNGGG time ago! O=-) I'm such a slacker, I know..

Anyway.. I'll stop with the yacking and move on to sharing these sweet memories! =-)

The first photo is from the giveaway I did on Brent's birthday... I promised WAY BACK at the end of OCTOBER to share it.. I'm SO, SO SORRY! (I'm planning a SPRING giveaway too.. stay tuned for THAT!) In this box of goodies was a bottle of Bath & Body Works lotion and spray, a Bath & Body Works Scentport, Brent's FAVORITE (Sweet Potato Bread), a Lunch for Life Cookbook, and another book. (I can't remember what it was.. sorry. Perhaps there was another thing or two, my brain is mud.. I can hardly remember ANYTHING! (The whole point of the giveaway was to celebrate Brent's life by doing what he loved - BLESSING OTHERS!)

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This shot was made back when the Horrocks family visited.. this is a picture of the kids riding on our boys homemade "Hillbilly bob-sled"! HA!!!

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This is a shot of Gabe after they'd been mud-riding...

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Oh, get this.. we actually got a LITTLE snow this year! It happened the night before Link's birthday.. You'll see why I shared that detail in just a sec... ha!

(See, now it'll make sense.. hehehe)

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Of course I've made a quite a few pics of Allie Grace (I've not done any editing.. just sharing what I uploaded from my camera.. not learned the settings yet.. again, I'm a slacker) O=-) Oh yeah, if any of you are new here, Allie is my niece. She's ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay, Sweet Friends.. I'd love to stay and keep adding on, but it's getting way past my bedtime.. LOL! I plan to take the kiddos out soon and try to get more pics. (They change SO MUCH from one photo session to the next) =-)

Have a BLESSED weekend!



crispy said...

It is nice to have you back to blogging. Great pictures. What a blessing your family is. =)

Melanie said...

Hey, Tonya! Love the pictures... I can't believe how big Allie Grace is getting!

He And Me + 3 said...

Thanks for know how i love pictures. Allie Grace is so cute.

Jennifer said...

Enjoyed the pictures. The boys are getting so big and Allie is a cutie!

Reba said...

I love all of the pics...keep em coming!

Jennifer said...

I loved looking through your photos - thanks for sharing! And that Allie is a beauty!!

Special K said...

GREAT pics...esp the last of your niece! What a beauty!

What a great bday msg for your boy!!

Beth E. said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. You are right...boys sure do grow quickly!

I think Gabe looks so much like Link. Your boys are so handsome and so sweet!

Beth E. said...

Oops...I forgot to say, "Have a great week!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sweet and oh so encouraging comment!! <3 I will definitely check out that book you suggested so I appreciate the link you included in the comment :)

I looked closely at your blog and I did not realize you lost a son, my heart aches for you :( but I am extremely IMPRESSED with your undying love and admiration for the Lord. You are an inspiration to me and I will remember your story when I start to taste bitterness for a petty issue. I thank you for helping me to put life in perspective and I am honored to be a new follower of your blog!!!

Those pictures are adorable, your sons have beautiful eyes and your niece is a cute lil' pumpkin! (squeezes her cheek) thanks for sharing!!!!

<3 Your new friend, Martha

Tonya said...

HI Tonya, this is Tonya, yes, I am wanting to meet other mom's that have been touched by cancer. I started my blog even with carepages for the same reasons as you for the most part.

I started blogging after we lost our son Brent. I still maintain his caringbridge site, but I found that I needed somewhere for myself, just to ramble.. ;-)

I’d LOVE to help people see that JESUS is ENOUGH. HE carries us through our trials, and no matter how we’re hurting - there is still JOY in HIM.

I haven't put huge amounts of things on the cancer, I try to be upbeat and hope to write some poems soon too. My son is doing well now and we are hopeful for a cure. You can empathize with all that comes along with that hope. Well, check out my blog if you want and click on the cancer label and see one of the updates for where he started maint. phase. The first 4 were the worst part adn we are glad it's over. We are praying for complete healing. HOpe we can encourage one another. God has been so good and not just because my son is doing well right now.

In Christ,

Tonya said...

I meant to tell you that my son is 11 and he is so sweet and is just like Brent in that he never complains...He loves the Lord and knows where he's going if something heart and prayers are with you. My blog is still evolving and we are still in the battle and trying to get our lives back to normal. Love in Christ,

Belinda said...

Tonya I love the pics. Your neice is adorable. I have not posted on your blog yet! I have e-mailed you before ( I followed you from caringbriege days)...ANYWAY.. sweet pics..thanks for sharing