Wednesday, April 15, 2009

checking in..

Hey there! I thought I'd pop in to let you know that I didn't hear a peep (not even a PEEP, I tell you) from our pediatrician's office today. UGH!! I'm one of those mom's that will worry EVERYONE around me SILLY if I don't watch myself. (ESPECIALLY if/when it's pertaining to the health of one of our boys) O=-)

ANNNNYWAY... I'm assuming that no news is good news! That, and the fact that I'm SERIOUSLY contemplating taking him back in on Thursday or Friday to repeat the "CBC". I mean, I really just want to hear.. to KNOW that the white cells are back in normal range and that everything looks good on paper. (As far as in person goes.. well, he's back to his old self)

I'm still thinking about doing a giveaway. It's been 6 months since I did the last one. (That's when we celebrated Brent's birthday) There's no holiday, or any special day that I'm wanting to celebrate. I'd really just LOVE to celebrate YOU! I mean, you guys are the BEST! I'm continuously AMAZED at how supportive and LOVING you all are!

So back to the giveaway.. I thought of something AWESOME that I'd like to do.. but I'm thinking I'll hold out till October and do the BIG ONE on Brent's b'day. It really helped to get through it when I knew I was doing something that he TRULY LOVED to do. (That'd be blessing others.. our boy LOVED to give gifts!)

The ball is rolling.. I hope I'll have something to announce soon. (I'm thinking this giveaway will be in the next couple of weeks) Stay tuned! ☺

Oh, I'm also planning to make it around to visiting those of you who've left comments the past few days. I'm REALLY SORRY that I've not been hanging out at your place(s). I've just been CRAZY busy. I MISS you guys when I'm not "hanging out" with you every day. =-/

Alrighty.. I suppose I'm off for a bit. I need to call the family in for supper soon and then HOPEFULLY I'll have some free time to play online.

THANKS AGAIN for your prayers, sweet comments, and all the AWESOME WAYS you encourage me! (I just LOVE the BOND we all have online.. man, if blogging is THIS much FUN... can you IMAGINE how GREAT Heaven is gonna be??)

I ♥ YOU,


LisaShaw said...

Hi Sweetie,

Indeed heaven will be SO much better :) I'm glad your son is doing better. How about dropping that Pediatrician's office a little call??

You enjoy your dinner and especially your family. Love you!

Beth E. said...

You know what I have to do at my doctor's office??? I drop by the office! It's practically impossible to get them to return a call. Forget about trying to make appointments via the phone! It took them two weeks to call me with xray results. Soooo...I just go in person now! They have to deal with me. I stand at the window until they DO!!! :o) So maybe you could hop over to the doc's office tomorrow, smile sweetly, and STAND THERE UNTIL THEY GIVE YOU SOME ANSWERS! Whew...I just needed to get that out of my system. LOL I'm sure Zach is okay, but my goodness, looks like they'd call to tell you so!

You better come hang out with me, girl...I've missed you too much!

Love you,

He And Me + 3 said...

Can't wait to meet all my blogging friends face to face one day What fun.

Melanie said...

I'm with you, Tonya... blogging is so much fun! And, yea... heaven will be a blast!

Love ya!

Stephanie said...

I am, as usual, a day late and a dollar short(how fitting for tax day, right?) Anyway, I am just now reading about Zach and your prayer request. I will certainly pray for him and I HOPE you get great news TOMORROW!

Pam D said...

You just about have to wonder if any of the folks at the doctor's office have ever had to wait for test results. I suppose they're busy, and you know that if something was wrong they'd be in touch in a flash.. but still. Use that sweet Southern charm and work it, girl! Praying that you'll get the good news tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

He died that we might live! Praying hard right now!
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Greg P. said...

I also haven't been on your blog much lately and I apologize. I agree that no news is good news, but, I can understand you wanting confirmation from the doc.

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am praying for you and that we also "celebrate you". You are an inspiration to us even though you may not realize it.