Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hello, Friends!

I thought I'd check in quickly to make a confession. I followed up with Zach's previous doctor appointment (with a different doc this time... LOVED HIM). They checked his blood sugar (my sis is a diabetic since childhood), did another CBC, and did a repeat on the mono test.. everything was PERFECT! The white cells that were low before were well within "normal range". (That's the REAL reason I wanted to do a repeat) The mono was negative again and his blood sugars were PERFECT! Oh, if you've missed the previous posts, he never had mono. The first doc we saw wanted to rule it out.. the second doc just followed up with it.

Thanks again for praying!

Now, since I have absolutely nothing else to post on.. hehehe... I thought I'd share a video with you. This little dude is AWESOME! He's got moves.. LOVE IT!

The video is titled "Lil Breakdancer". It's TOO ADORABLE!


Special K said...

that's great! So glad your boy is well and has a clean bill of health!! God is good!



April said...

Now, you can rest, Tonya...the load of worry is off your shoulders. I just knew it would be OK!

That little guy is amazing! And I thought I was a good dancer! LOL!

Be sure to pop over today...I'm having a giveaway!

Marsha said...

What a great report!

And an amazing little dancer! Oh my!

Have a blessed week.

Pam D said...

Hooray for Zach being A-OK! I'm clapping my hands with joy.. praise God! And that little guy is not only an awesome dancer, he has pretty darn good arm muscles and some serious stamina! Hugs.. now go have fun!

Christy said...

So glad you have peace of mind now with your littled guy. LOL at the video!

Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. The one you stopped at is not the one I update the most, that one is "My Gifts, Among Other Things..."

God Bless

April said...

Me, again! Thank you so much for posting about my giveaway tomorrow! I'm sure that Noelle will be forever grateful! Love ya!

karengberger said...

I just came over from Kay's site because of your comment there. I am so sorry about the passing of your dear son, Brent. Your family photos are beautiful. God bless you!

LisaShaw said...

Hey Sister! So glad Zach is ok. God is good!

That little boy is cute but the dog was funny. He reminds me of my two. When I'm working out to my Leslie Sansone DVD's they walk all around me, go lay down and then get up and walk around me again. So funny.

Love ya.

He And Me + 3 said...

Great report from the doctors. What a crack up....that video.

Jennifer said...

I love posts that start off "Great News"!!! Thanks for sharing with us. Hope your card arrives by the end of the week....yes, the check (er..card) is in the mail!!

Take care - Jennifer

Susan said...


I'm so blessed you got that second opinion, I don't believe you can get enough!! Well at least till mom is at PEACE!!! Amen?

Oh that little boy is just precious. I could see Zach doing some of those moves!!

Your boys are so precious, I think it's time we see a video of them again, (hint, hint!!!)

Love you girlfriend♥

PS Miss you too, oh, we had a GREAT weekend, it would of been perfect, only one thing was missing...


Kay said...

I know you're glad to get the thumbs up that everything checked out fine. Believe me, I understand. Been there, done that. Yay! : )

Melanie said...

Hey, there Tonya! I love, love, love hearing all these great reports back from the doctors. Praise the Lord!

Beth E. said...

That is awesome news! I am so happy that everything is okay...praise God! :o)

Beth E. said...

That is awesome news! I am so happy that everything is okay...praise God! :o)

Tracy said...

Great, great news! Thanks for the update! = ) Praise God!

You're right...that little man has the moves!

Tea With Tiffany said...

I can imagine relieved you must be. Thank you, Lord.

And thank you for stopping by today to let me know I am not alone. I knew you'd understand. The same year my brother found out he had cancer, my best friend's mom died of cancer. She was like a second mom to me. Such a hard year...

Loved the dance!

Thank you for your sweet friendship and support. May God grant us both peace of mind and complete freedom from fear of health.

Love you,