Monday, November 12, 2007

Cherished Drawings

Hello Friends!

Today was... well..... I guess it'd be an appropriate time to "borrow" one of Heather's terms... "bittersweet." I say this because it was my birthday and my little men did everything possible to make it special for me. They stayed up after I went to bed last night making me birthday cards. (Aren't those the GRANDEST???) Well, as nice as everything was it was another FIRST without Brent. He always LOVED to pick at people (as does his mom) and he got quite the enjoyment out of telling everyone that I was 34 when I was really only 33! It's so funny to think back on it and picture his smirky expression when I'd "call him out" on it. They're all PRECIOUS MEMORIES and I wouldn't trade them for ANYTHING this old world could offer. I'm SO VERY BLESSED to have these precious boys in my life!

Alrighty... I didn't mean to keep you. I thought I'd end this tonight by sharing those sweet cards that Zach & Gabe made me. Zach put A LOT more effort than Gabe. LOL!! Oh well, they're BOYS! Right? Hehe!

Birthday wishes from Zach

This is the inside... it has someone bowing at the foot of the cross praying, then the opposite side says, "I love you and Jesus loves you"

This is the outside of the one Gabe made for me....

And the inside.... (Oh, Gabe started writing his name and mine, but ran out of room. Hehehehe... I just LOVE it!


Reba said...

Happy birthday! I cannot imagine how bittersweet that must have been. I love the very sweet. I do hope you could feel Brent's love pour down on you from heaven as he celebrated your birthday with Jesus (and probably made up an age for you too :). Praying for you...

Heather said...

Happy Birthday, my friend. I know the day was bittersweet . . . seems like that is just the way we live our life now - in a constant "bittersweet" state! But thank God for Zach and Gabe who definitely add the sweetness! Their cards were precious. And I just know Brent was celebrating in Heaven and remembering his Momma! How we all miss him.
Love & FROG,

Susan said...

Hi Tonya,

What's up, I miss you...

Loved the cards. Wow, what a way for your son to see you, AT THE CROSS, how touching.

Praying for you each day, and missing our hero.

Love you,


PS Today is Wordless Wednesday...HINT!