Friday, November 23, 2007

~Favorite Foto Friday~

Well, I almost missed out on this one... LOL! (It's ALMOST Saturday NOW) =-) The picture I'm going to share with you is one of my favorites. I'd like to share one of all three of our boys together, but I'm on the wrong computer so I can't. Instead I'll share one from one of our little summer trips. The boys and I, along with my Mom and my friend Joni all went to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We had SO MUCH FUN! The boys were IN AWE of the beach!!!!

Okay... I'm outta here! LOL!! Night, My Friends!


Susan said...

Hello my precious friend,

Just getting back to blogland. I've been missing you, BIG-TIME!

I also love this picture. I'm glad you shared it. You know, no matter if Brent was in the picture, "physically" or not, he'll always be in your son's hearts.

He is a part of who they are, and what they will become. What a beautiful "GODLY example" he set for his younger brothers...(and all of us as well).

It won't be long and we will all be together, worshipping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Blessings to you my friend,


PS Go check out the Marriage Monday site, you have a quote there E-mom choose to share. Go Tonya!

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog this evening! I truly appreciate your wisdom about homeschooling. Whatever our decision is in the future, I know that I am "home" schooling my little 16-month old, Caleb, as we read together, bake, and play outside. I LOVE watching him learn and grow.

FYI...your boys are VERY handsome!


Anonymous said...

I read Mrs. Susan's post and all I can say is...Amen. Brent will forever be a part of the hearts of all of your family. He was, is, and always will be a huge part of all of your lives.

Until that great reunion, you and your family are always in my prayers.

Love, Kristin

e-Mom said...

What a cool photo. I like those hip swim trunks. :~D

Just a friendly reminder that today is Marriage Monday. I hope you'll join us.

e-Dad is offering a Songs of Solomon Perfume Giveaway. Come sniff things out!

Blessings, e-Mom