Friday, November 9, 2007

~Foto Friday~

I thought I'd share some pictures that my cousin made when Gabe slept over with her son Drew. It's really neat how our boys got along so well because she was one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS growing up! =-)

Gabe lovin' on his little cousin Chloe..

Funny Face....

Looks like I'm NOT the ONLY one with baby fevers! (Hehehe... GIRL FEVER!)

Gabe and his new best bud/cousin, Drew


Amy S. said...

So cute Tonya..I love it when I see the boys lovin on a baby..and it makes it sweeter when its a baby girl. Hope you had a good week. How is the weather?

Love and Hugs...

Anonymous said...

What a precious pic! Having girl fever? Want to borrow one of mine for a little while? =)
Have a great weekend!
Love, Kristin

Heather said...

What adorable pics of Gabe and his cousin! I love it! Isn't is funny how a sweet baby girl can turn our boys into MUSH?? :)

Have a good week, my friend!
Love & FROG,