Friday, February 22, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday #28 - THEN AND NOW

I've been looking forward to joining Sarah at "Kiss the Frog 4 Me" in "Favorite Foto Friday." After we lost Brent it made me all the more THANKFUL for the pictures we have of him, and him with the boys.

Psalm 127:3
Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him

SOOOOO.... I'm not sure if I have any newborn pics of the boys stored on the computers. I'll be working between the TWO that actually DO have pics on them. (An older laptop is with a friend being worked on) I'll try to make some sense of this by noon today. HA!!

This is a picture of Brent (our firstborn) with my niece Ashley...

These are of Brent, then Brent & Zach (Zach's our second-born)

The first of these is a pic of the boys stacked up on top of their daddy... I LOVE it! It's one of my favorites! Then there's Brent & Zach in the wagon and another of Brent.

And a few of Zach as an infant...

And here's one of the last (and most recent) pics of Brent...

Okay... so Gabe's the third child. I'm having a little trouble locating "baby pictures" of him. Check back later... HOPEFULLY I'll have found something. ha!!!


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I love your pictures of Brent. What a precious child he is!!

Sarah said...

Tonya, I am so glad you are joining us in FFF! Your boys are so incredibly handsome. I am so saddened to hear about your gorgeous son Brent. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and will check in with you often.

Susan said...

Ahhh, those pictures are just priceless.

You know Brent DOES remind me of my nephew Mason, and he also reminds me of Jason as a little boy!

They are all such beautiful children. What a GODLY heritage indeed! Thanks for sharing these with us~

Love you!

Melanie said...

Oh, Tonya, what sweet pictures. The sweetness in those boys just oozes out of the computer screen! I particularly love the sweet look on Brent's face (I think it is Brent) in the picture of him with his brother in the bathtub. The way he is hanging over the side of the tub with that sweet expression is just too much!

What a lucky Mama you are!

Thanks for visiting my site this week and for the kind words you left!

God Bless You! Have a great weekend!

Mom Of 3 said...

What great pictures! Thanks for sharing

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

OH, what great photos! Those are some beautiful babies!! Time just goes too quickly doesn't it....


Faithful Froggers said...

Can I just tell you how I LOVE those pictures? Pure sweetness! I know what a treasure those pictures are . . . just priceless!
So glad you joined in FFF! I look forward to coming back next week!

Have a blessed weekend!
Love & FROG,

Mandy said...

I just love then and now pictures. Beautiful pictures!! I am really sad to hear about the loss of your son Brent. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.