Monday, February 25, 2008

One of those days...

I'd like to start this update with a prayer request. My Mom (Nita) will be having hip replacement first thing tomorrow morning. I meant to have mentioned it before now, but for whatever reason I haven't.

Some time back my Mom had an MRI because of constant pain in her hip. There was some fear that it might be cancerous. We later learned that at some point she'd probably fractured her hip and the bone finally deteriorated and collapsed. She toyed with whether or not to have the surgery done, but after continuous pain and a MUCH limited lifestyle she finally gave in. I'll update as soon as possible on her. THANKS for your prayers!!

Now, for my aimless rambling....

Okay... so my friend Dana challenged me last night with a verse.

"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your FATHER in HEAVEN. Matthew 5:16

We agreed to memorize it and "put it to work." Well, I'm afraid that today my light wasn't shining very brightly. O:) Let me explain....

The boys BOTH had dentist appointments this afternoon (PRAISE GOD there were NO cavities - we DID get a warning they'll BOTH need braces. I wasn't surprised, I've seen my OWN teeth) HA!!!! SOOO... we made it through the dentist appointment and then hit the mall for just a few minutes. I ran in Bath & Body Works and instructed the boys to sit in the bench outside the store so that I could watch them. The lady in the store came up and told me how well behaved my boys were. (I LAUGHED, then looked around thinking she MUST be thinking someone else's children were mine by mistake) For that ONE minute they actually WERE being good. The next time I looked up they were ALL BUT WRESTLING! (It was all in fun I assure you, but NOT the place or time to do it) I thought SURELY mall security would have us all thrown out! Hehe.. we made it. (Crazy me, I should've seen this as the beginning of more to come, but NOOOOOOOOO... I went ahead and carried them to Walmart)

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Well, they started out being pretty good in Wally-World. Then, the questions started...

"Mom, can I have this? Mom, can I buy that? Mama... can I call Daddy and ask if he cares if I buy _____" (You fill in the blank... it was ONE QUESTION AFTER ANOTHER!) I repeatedly told them it was NOT Christmas or their birthdays and we would NOT be buying anything today. We'd made it about halfway through the store when BOTH boys decided to hide out BEHIND the toilet paper on one of the shelves. Gabe was spotted pretty quickly. Zach on the other hand had some help. There was this man who seemed amused with my constant nagging and thought he'd join in on the torture... I mean, fun! (Heehee) YES, he helped Zach by pulling a big stack right in front of him! (Zach was pretty amused that a complete stranger helped him hide)

It seemed at every turn someone was snickering at us. (Yes, I was being a pretty good sport - I try not to take things too seriously after all we went through with Brent... but bad behavior is still BAD BEHAVIOR. Well, I'm calling it bad behavior... it was really just REPEATED requests to buy this or that... or either they were having a BLAST messing with each other) I considered SPANKING them several times, but I wasn't quite sure if I'd be sent to jail. HA!!

Finally, there was someone else's child who seemed to be behaving just as badly as mine. I giggled at (WITH... I mean WITH) their mom. Was it something in the air???

Yep, those little ones had my hair standing on END today! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE to spend time with my boys. I should've enforced good behavior and not let them stress me out. In all seriousness, I'm quite sure that my light was NOT shining today. Or perhaps it was??? Maybe, just maybe the mere fact that I DIDN'T hang them by their TOES showed that there WAS something different? Nah! Hehehe...

Well, that's about it. My feeble mind needs a rest. THANKS for checking in!


e-Mom said...

Your beautiful yellow daisy header gave me a bold shot of encouragement this morning! Praying for peace and healing your mother Nita.

Blessings, e-Mom

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Your light was still shining even if you hit the dimmer switch for awhile. HA HA! Seriously, those boys are way too cute to cause too much trouble!!!!

Have a good day~~Kelley