Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Seven....

This is my first time taking part in the "Sunday Seven." If I get it wrong, please, overlook me. O:-)

If I'm understanding right I can choose to write about 7 things I'm thankful for, 7 memorable moments from last week, or 7 things I hope to accomplish next week. UUGGGHHH! I stress when given too many options. O:-)

I suppose since I just "took part" in "Thankful Thursdays" then I'll skip the thankful option. Another problem is my memory. I can hardly remember what I did yesterday much less the whole week past. So I'll skip out on that one as well. That of course leaves the seven things I hope to accomplish. (I'd REALLY LOVE to tell you all I'm thankful for. That could also cover 7 blessings from the week past, so HOPEFULLY by next week I'll have made enough "mental notes" that I can actually post on it!) Hehe...

SOOOO.... 7 things to accomplish

#1 - Starting EVERY day in prayer and Bible study with our boys... teaching them to be men who are SOLD OUT to GOD... NOT just playing the game

#2 - I want to go out of my way to make my hubby feel respected, loved, cherished, needed and wanted EVERY DAY of the week. (Respect is what men desire MOST! I've learned that they crave it the way we do ROMANCE!!)

#3 - I hope to get in as much school in as possible on Monday since my Mom will be having hip surgery on Tuesday.

#4 - I hope to be of some help to my parents next week.

#5 - GOSH, this is harder than I thought... HA!! Oh, I'd like to be able to share with someone new that GOD LOVES them and desires a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with THEM.

#6 - I want to help a sister in CHRIST understand that HE doesn't want to burden them with as many "church functions" as they can fit in weekly... HE wants our HEART and UNDIVIDED attention. HE wants to spend time with us in HIS WORD and through PRAYER. NOTHING ELSE will "grow us" as much!

#7 - I want to spend some time with my Mam-Maw. She taught me so much about loving JESUS, taking care of my home and my children, and how to respond lovingly even when someone wrongs you. (My Grandpa gave her A LOT of grief, she always smiled sweetly and went on with what she was tending) She taught us how to sew, wash dishes, and bake cookies! Some of the VERY BEST memories from my childhood were spent with my Mam-Maw. Yes, I need to spend more time with her... to cherish EVERY MOMENT while she's still here. I'll NEVER forget hearing her sing praises and hymns while she worked, or hearing her pray whatever was on her heart. I hope to be remembered by my grandchildren (when we have them) the way that we remember her.

Okay... that's it for me. I can't wait to see what everyone else posts so I'll have a better idea of what I'm doing wrong. LOL!! If you'd like to read more "Sunday Seven" post then check out


Carol said...

Hi Tonya,

I got your email, and I will add you to the Sunday Seven blogroll. I also followed the links and read part of Brent's Caringbridge site entries. Thanks for sharing your story. It touched me. I've been a monthly donor to St. Jude's for years, and when you wrote of how much Brent loved St. Jude's I knew I was giving to the right place. God bless you and your family.

Amy S. said...

Tonya...What a sweet post today. Im so glad I read it the day you posted it..I don't know why...but I do. You have a wonderful Grandma. I too have fond memories of my Grandma. Wow! You have made me think wayyyyyyyy back now.

Still think of you...and hope you are feeling better.

Love and Hugs.

Alexzillasmama said...

Hi Tonya,
I am enjoying your blog and I am glad that you have started doing it more lately. Of course, I say that, but haven't finished my own. Haha!

Oh, I know it is Sunday Seven, but I thought of another thing to accomplish and it is something that you told me to remind you to do. I will give you 2 involved Hope and a house! Are you stumped???
Love you, Girlfriend!!