Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Crazy Way We Met - My LATE Marriage Monday Post

Okay... so I'm more than a WEEK late in sharing our love story. I really wanted to post last Monday with everyone else, but just haven't spent much time online. (I've done LOTS of yard work recently) Now, "technically" this doesn't count. The deadline was Wednesday of last week, at midnight. Still, I wanted to share.. so here goes. (Thanks to E-Mom for hosting this WONDERFUL meme!)

Anyway... our story began when I was a junior in high school. My VERY BEST friend at the time (Brad) set us up. He told me about this really great guy (Link) and after swapping messages through Brad I knew I really wanted us to meet! My Mom fixed dinner and said it was okay to ask Link over. Well, I set out to just that. It's really funny because our first "date" almost seemed as though I picked HIM up. LOL! He was hunting and he and a friend had stopped on the side of the road. I stopped to invited him for dinner... and the rest, as they say, is history.

After we dated for about 2 years Link went and asked my Daddy for my hand in marriage. My sister hid my rings so that my finger would be bare and Link would be able to slip that ring right on my finger. Heehee... she's so funny! (And sweet)

Here's a wedding picture of me with my HUGE "high school hair." LOL!! I don't know why Link got cut out? I don't mean to complain but our wedding pictures were TERRIBLE! Many were blurred, some out of focus. Anyway..I so wish our scanner would work.. I'd load some from our wedding. (Maybe it's a blessing that it doesn't work?? HA!!!!!)

I look back now and wish I'd have had GOD in my sights rather than the things I wanted. Our story is "humorous" as far as modern day romance is concerned, but it wasn't "biblical" in any sense. YES, I'd prayed for the man I would marry as a youth... but it NEVER ONCE occurred to me to ask GOD if it were HIS will for Link & me to be together. It was truly a miracle that I didn't end up with someone that would beat me (and our future children) and/or be a womanizer. (Of all the things one might worry about in a mate - Link cheating on me is NOT one of those)

I dated a guy once that stayed in trouble with the law. I THOUGHT I could change him. Once he was in some sort of correction school for boys and the moment he got out he "cheated on me." YES, that's high school drama for you! I say it's a miracle that I didn't end up with someone like that, because I wasn't seeking GOD. I just wanted someone to love me. I wanted to be someone's wife and the mother of his children. When I look back at the many ways my life could've QUICKLY taken me in the WRONG direction I have to stop and PRAISE GOD for HIS provision. Don't you just love it that HE watches over us even when we're NOT where we should be? I'm SO VERY THANKFUL to have a man that loves me in spite of myself. I'm THANKFUL that Link LOVES the LORD his GOD with all his HEART, SOUL, and mind. I'm also THANKFUL for the beautiful children GOD blessed us with. So THAT, my friends... is our love story. ;-)

Now, to share another "something" that's VERY CLOSE to my heart. As you know after Brent went through his battle with cancer, and having him receive his HEAVENLY HEALING, we are now PASSIONATE when it comes to fighting cancer. This is a petition to help raise awareness for childhood cancer. It'll only take a moment of your time and it may be the reason that media will one day give this horrible disease the attention it deserves. To sign click HERE.

Thanks SOOOO MUCH for standing in the gap with us! We love & APPRECIATE YOU!

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Kelley said...

I love this post!! I don't know if you read my anniversary post but many of the things you mention here (about not seeking God's best) did happen to me. I am lucky to have found blessings the second time around!

I have missed you, my friend, I hope everything is OK with you. I know this is a VERY crazy-busy time of year!!

Enjoy your day and I look forward to visiting again soon....


Susan said...


Tonya, you are so beautiful!!

Thanks for sharing your love story with us. I was wondering how you guys got hitched.

Hmmm, that must of been some awesome meal your mom cooked that day, Link kept coming back! (He He...) As the mother of all boys, we KNOW the way to a man's heart for sure...

((You know I'm playing with you.))

So good having you back here in blogosphere, you've been greatly MISSED.

Love you♥

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I love this post. I know what you mean exactly when you said you weren't seeking God and his will for your future partner. I never did that either and it is by God's grace that my hubby is exactly who I need. We met in highschool also and had lots of drama and lots of sinning before we turned our lives back to God. Thankfully today we are at least on the right path together. Hope your Mother's Day was great and that you have a great week also!

Becoming Me said...

So nice to read your story and see you as a blushing bride.

crispy said...

You were such a sweet bride (big hair and all). Thanks for sharing the story. Neat how God works in His ways to bring us where He wants us to be.


Kristen said...

LOVE the pic!! :)
I agree 100% that I wouldn't be where I am today without God guiding me through my ignorance. Praise him that he intercedes when he does!

Reba said...

I loved reading your story. And I found myself just agreeing with each word. I was definitely one who thought I would change the world one guy at a time. I dated some really sorry/bad characters (okay, guys who made very poor choices). And so much of it was wanting to be loved. The worst part is that I had a good loving home so it wasn't that I was seeking attention I was getting there. It was just this need I had. And though I knew God, I didn't completely trust Him. I was also queen of rationalizing, just positive God had given me each guy sent my way. It is only by the grace of God I met my husband. The funny thing is if we had met any earlier, we never would have gotten together. Spirtitually we weren't there. I am very blessed, like you, to have a man who treats me with love and respect. Anyway, thanks for sharing, and I LOVE the picture. :)

e-Mom said...

Oh, I'm so glad you shared your story. (Better late than never!) You found (lol, picked up) a good man, and I'm glad you two have enjoyed a happy life together.

And thanks for your passionate desire to fight childhood cancer. I'll take a look at that link right now. Hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

You were such a beautiful bride! Thanks for sharing your story.

SweetPea said...

I've come to your sight via Kelley's. I read your comment to her about the tranformation of your knight in shining armor. It drew me over to your blog. Your love story is beautiful. God has blessed you with His abundance grace and love. I draw encouragement from your love story that people can change and the power of God is just out of this world. I read your story with hope that I will one day have a marriage restored and transformed into a "happily ever after" all for HIS glory.