Friday, May 2, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday - Having a Ball!

Today's theme for Favorite Foto Friday is "Having a Ball." Sarah suggested we use pics of our kids doing their favorite things.. her photos for today were of her little beauty playing "baseball." (This little one is OH-SO-CUTE!) I wish our scanner was working so I could upload some pics from our boys ball seasons, but unfortunately it's not working. So.. I'll share some other things they loved...

The boys hanging out with their cousins (Addison & Lora Beth) at the zoo..

I LOVE this one.. Brent looks like he was so "tickled"

I love the sweet look on Brent's face, but it always makes me feel "a little sick" when I see pictures of him during chemo. It's hard to believe he endured so much and still kept his JOY the whole way through. (It was SURELY because of his great LOVE for JESUS!) I chose this picture because it's one of the few that I have of Brent with his buddy Jordan, who was one of his VERY BEST friends! Brent LOVED to hang with Jordan!! (Jordan is my friend Susan's son - we met through Brent's & Jordan's caringbridge sites then got to meet IN PERSON at St. Jude)

and OF COURSE they always LOVE to eat out! This is a picture made at Cracker Barrel in West Memphis, Arkansas. (While Brent was still in treatment at St. Jude)

Finally, I'll end with more recent pics of Zach & Gabe doing what the love best... BEING CLOWNS with their cousins Ashley & Clay! Heehee... (Clay is pictured in white with navy stripes, Gabe's wearing maroon, Ash is in a red tank, and Zach's wearing navy with white stripes)

For more posts on this "FFF" visit Sarah at Kiss The Frog 4 Me.

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Susan said...

Ahhhh, you got me Tonya!!! I love these pictures of Brent, and you know how much I LOVE that one of our boys together.

Something I'll cherish for the rest of my life, (Jordan too!)

You know it does amaze me too...

Brent could smile his way through so much, gosh, I get a few "aches and pains", and there is NO smile to be found in this house.

I've learned so much from our children as they battled cancer.

Truly the "JOY OF THE LORD" was Brent's strength as it has been yours. Always remember, he had a mom who never gave up, gave in or gave OUT. You continued to bless God every single step of the way.

Don't think Brent did not pick up on that! What an example you were and still are.

Love you girlfriend♥

valerie said...

Precious pictures of your kiddos!
The comment about Brent and loving Jesus so, made my eyes water.
I work in our church/school office and we have a Christian school as well. Tues. night they had their elementary program. It was the sweetest program about being a friend....even when people are different. There were some cute & precious songs and they did sign language to all of the songs.
There is a little boy who is in 3rd. grade who has "ALL" (I'm not sure what it all stands for, except leukemia. They discovered he had leukemia the end of his kindergarten year. His mom wrote in an e-mail the other day that he has one more year of out patient chemo. I can't imagine. He had his radiation treatment that morning and wanted to come to the program so badly. I'm so thankful he was able to make it. The auditorium was packed and I sat on the back row and had a perfect view of his little face. He smiled and was the happiest little person on that stage. It blessed me so! I think (no, I know) God gives them an extra touch from Him.
I tried to post some pictures of their program the other day and for some reason it would not let me.
I'll try again and when you see the stage with all those children, you'll see his little bald head over on the far left.
His name is Caleb. Please pray for him and his family. His mom always has the sweetest, most positive outlook.
Thanks again for sharing the pictures. I love pictures!
Love you!

Sarah said...

Thanks for your sweet quote... I know our troubles are very inconsequential to the forever pain of life without your child... I just love seeing Brent'a face each week... he always makes me smile!

Zach and Gabe are incredibly handsome boys!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

What cute pics. What a strong person your Brent was. I know I probably would have a hard time finding joy if I went through half of what he endured. His character speaks volumes to his faith and he really shined for Jesus. Have a great weekend.

Milk Mama said...

Great photos! I'm glad you pointed out who was who... I was confused at first (with the exception of Ashley of course!) :D

Nen said...

i love your pictures!!!

i haven't been avoiding you! just been busy... but i have been checking your blog every day to see your posts!!! i have been covering for a guy at work.. so its made my week a little zaney!!!

ClarkFamily said...

Tonya - I always love your posts with pictures of your always smiling Brent ... how he managed to smile through so much inspires me ... his brothers always look so proud of him ... you raised an amazing young man ... God Bless!

Rebekah and Jaden

Faithful Froggers said...

I just love the pictures of the boys with their cousins! They are all such good-looking kids and it looks like they have such a fun time together. How special for them to have that close relationship!

As always, I love the pictures of Brent. He just shines with God's love, strength & JOY. Thanks so much for sharing.

Happy Friday!

Tricia said...

GREAT pictures!!


♥ Tricia ♥


Young Creations said...

Hi!. I just love looking at the pictures of all the kids, especially Brent. His grin and shine is so apparent.
Have a great weekend.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Absolutely wonderful pictures! I love the ones with Brent! What a trooper he was!

Kelley said...

It has been way too long since I have visited you. It has taken me awhile to catch up on your last several posts. Of course each and every one of them blesses me. You are such a special lady and it has been a real privilege getting to "know" you and your family.

These are fun pictures, it is obvious that you have a very close and loving family!!

Have a good weekend and I will definitely not wait so long before coming back to visit next time!


Becca said...


Thanks for sharing your precious pictures of Brent with me - a "new friend" - praying for you.

Peace and Hugs,

Susan said...

Hey Tonya,

What's up? Been missing you. Hope things are going well. Drop me a line this evening if you get a chance!


Kim said...

Tonya....what You truly are blessed with an amazing family.

I get so tickled everytime I see sweet pictures of Brent....he truly has the love of the Lord in him eyes!!! (just like his Mamma)


Anonymous said...

opps.. my little guy hit the caps! lol
that smile truly is lovely

Milk Mama said...

Hi! I'm just dropping in to say that I've got a giveaway on my blog. I know you have older kids, but it might be a great gift for a friend. I'd really like if you signed up for it. :) Sorry for the short post. I don't have much time! Thanks!

Stephanie said...

Hi Lady,
I hope things are better for you! Just wanted to stop by and say hello.
Love ya!

Cheryl said...

How sweet!! These are some really cute pictures of the kids! They are all so adorable. Thanks for sharing them. Hope you are having a wonderful week. God Bless~

valerie said...

I haven't written in a while & wanted to drop by and let you know that I'm thinking about you and praying. You've been such an inspiration to me and to Kristen.
Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers often.
Love you!

Melanie said...

Hi, Tonya. Just dropping by to let you know I'm thinking of you and praying for you as Mother's Day approaches. I'm sure your boys have something wonderful planned for your special day!

Kim said...

I'm MISSING you Mamma!!

Know that I'm praying for you sweet friend.

Kim~ :-)

crispy said...

What sweet memories and wonderful pictures. A treasure to you all.

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Are you on vacation this week?
Missing you!