Saturday, March 15, 2008

~Then Sings My Soul Saturdays~

Wow! I'm SO EXCITED about this new "meme!" Well, it's new to me.. today is actually the second edition. As I admitted the other day... we LOVE to sing and dance with our boys! It took some serious thought as to what song I wanted to share with you. (I LOVE so many) Today I chose one by Mandisa. I had the privilege of seeing her last summer in Nashville, Tennessee. (At least I THINK it was Nashville - I'm SUCH A LOONY TOON!)

I LOVE Mandisa's version. (It's actually originally by "Mary Mary") This song is INDEED my testimony! As many of you know we lost our 11 year old son last year after an off and on two year battle with cancer. I've been "in the pit," I've been bound by fear and sorrow, and NOW my GOD has removed those "Shackles" and is daily restoring my JOY!

I KNOW you will be blessed.

Of course you'll have to overlook those nasty comments made by some of the "American Idol" judges at the end of the video. (They obviously have problems with Christianity)

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Cheri said...

Stinkin' judges!!

What do they know anyway?

Great song and I'm glad you're joining the fun with this meme!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Hi! I'm here via Amy for Then Sings my Soul.

I LOVE this song and we dance around it in our house all the time! Such a powerful statement.

I am so sorry for your loss and have asked the Lord to continue to cover you with His peace and pour out blessing after blessing on your family. You are shining for Him and have touched my heart tonight.

Anticipating Him!

kmom3 said...

I love this song! I cannot help but dance around the kitchen whenever it comes on the radio!
This is my first time by your blog. I am so sorry about the battle your precious son fought with cancer. I am so glad you are held in the Father's loving arms.
Blessings! Thank you for joining in the music fun!

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Hi Tonya,
Thanks for the heads up about Then Sings My SOul Saturday. I just linked to it, even though it is almost 10:00pm. I hadn't had any comments all day and I was beginning to wonder if people had already seen this song or didn't like it. I was taking the "no comments" personally (talk about a loony tune!).

As for your post, this is one of my favorite praise/worship songs. I have seen Mandisa perform it at two Beth Moore events. Isn't she amazing? I also think YOU are amazing! I checked out Brent's caring bridge site today and really enjoyed the pics of your family. Your strength and faith are such an encouraging testimony. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!!

Have a great Sunday!

Love & Prayers, Kelley

Andrea said...

Girl, that is my song! It's on my ipod to get my juices flowing! I was actually running on Thursday and just lifted my hands in worship and almost fell off my treadmill (I'm starting to sing it now..can ya hear??).

I'm so sorry for your loss. We had a scare with our baby, but I know the Lord knows all the answers and we continue to trust Him! Your testimony is an inspiration to me and I'm thankful you shared it and I found it! Testimony is so powerful especially in times of trial and heartbreak! Blessings tonight!

Ceci said...

I had not heard this version (I'm not a big follower of American Idol, I'm afraid) although my sis in law loves Mandisa. I do love the song however, but missed the harmonies from the Mary Mary version.

My husband is Pentecostal, and the song has new meaning to me after attending his church! Thanks for sharing with us!

BethAnne said...

I found you through another blog -cant remember which one. I am so sorry about the loss of your precious son. I cannot imagine what it is like, but God can because He lost His son (but only for a time - just like you - its only for a time then you get to spend eternity with him).

Carol said...

Oh, girl! I love this song. I crank it up and jam in the mini-van!

Milk Mama said...

Woo! Mandisa's got it going on! She sure can Praise God!!!!!

Just dropping in to say that I gave you liny love on my blog.


crispy said...

How cool you were blessed by this.