Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Showers for an Angel ;-)

I know I said I'd update on what we've been up to.. and well, part of it is baby showers. LOL! I was blessed to be able to help give a shower for my hubby's baby sister (Elizabeth) and her husband Jason. (I'm sure she loves me calling her that?) O=-) Allie Grace was a DOLL that night and I was SO HAPPY to get some shots of her. I also took LOTS of people that were at the shower, but since I don't like pictures of myself posted online (without my prior approval) I don't like to do that to anyone else. So that explains why you don't see people there. I'm sure you can see by the mountain of gifts that there were many who came by to wish this sweet little family well. (Jason & Elizabeth are SO LOVED)

I'll try to check back tomorrow with an update on our little family and share some funny pics of what the boys and I have been doing here. (Link's staying busy too... he just doesn't get into as much nonsense as the boys & I do) LOL!

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lori said...

How FUN was that....what a blessing and the CAKE was adorable!!!
just popping in to say hello!!

Mary Lou said...

She is so cute. I love her little nose. She is a doll. the cake was really cute. You did a great job.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Looks like a great time and that that sweet angel made a haul!!! I loved the pictures of her going to sleep! To precious!!!

Susan said...

Oh my, WHAT A SPREAD!!! What are you trying to do to your viewers Tonya?

I want one of those cup-cakes, did YOU make them? And I'll take some fresh fruit too, if you don't mind, pass it down to me!

Allie is precious, and already knows how to pose, hmmm, wait till she sees all her pictures!

You are such a good Aunt. This child will lack for nothing.

Oh, I have something I'm going to mail to you to give to Elizabeth, oh my, it's just TOO cute. Can't wait till you see it! Something only a "diva" could wear!


Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

Hey sister! I got the book today, and am very excited to get started on it! You really are so sweet to think of me.
About the meme...if you've done it, don't even bother with it again.. :)
Have a great night!

Kim said...

WOW...you gals know how to put on a spread!!!!

Allie is just so precious. A true blessing.

Praying you are having a good week!!


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

What a beautiful shower. She is one lucky little girl and you are one lucky auntie to be loving on her.
Love, love, love the pictures of the boys sleeping together. They look so close and cuddly. How wonderful!
I can't believe what you wrote that people complained about your dog "laughing" on you-tube. Are they crazy? I know what you mean about people loving animals more than human life though. When we gave our dog back to the pound we got her from they gave us a hard time about it. I mean a really hard time. They accused me of neglecting her because if she was my child and she had something wrong with her I wouldn't just give her away. Seriously-they had no idea how I took care of that peeing and pooping dog. I devoted 8months to getting it right with her and it didn't work. Plain and simple. They were horrible people and made me cry several times. I decided they were the kind of people that put animal life above human life and that is why they were seeing things cross eyed. Oof! So, I can sympathize with having to deal with some crazies! Hope you have a great week and you are feeling encouraged today!

Dawn ~ ^i^Brandon^i^, Jordan, & Seth's Mom said...

You girls sure do know how to throw a party! What a yummy looking cake and all that other food too. Yeah, I know that you MUST have taken those calories out too! (smile). And what a DIVINE DIVA ~ and that's a good thing ~ she is sure to be. What with all that love around....NO DOUBT!

Happy you had a nice celebration, and thank you for visiting my page!


Reba said...

What precious pictures! And she is so alert (at least until she falls asleep :)! You can just see that her mind is already thinking. I loved seeing the shower pictures too...she got some cute things. I love my baby boys, but their gifts were never quite the same as my girls'. :)

Milk Mama said...

That is a beautiful shower for a beautiful little girl! I love all of the photos! It looks like she got some great gifts! She looks so precious sleeping in her little gown! :)