Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our smiling dog...

Hello, Everyone..

This is the longest I've been without posting in a while. I've been in a slump this week... sometimes things go really well, others... well, I just keep myself busy. I hope to get online tomorrow and make a slide from Elizabeth's baby shower (I've got lots & LOTS of pictures of Allie Grace!) I'll probably also check in to see what the theme is for "FFF."

Until then, I thought I'd share some funny pics of our little doggy, Spanky. I was ATTEMPTING to make some new pics of the boys, but... well, they weren't so photogenic that day. However, Spanky on the other hand... WAS! He looked as though he was smiling in every shot. (Even laughing in another) I get cracked up every time I look at these.. I hope they make you smile too! (I'll share those of the boys later.. will probably do a slide of them too)

Smile, Spanky...

This one cracks me up too. He looks like he's bullying a MUCH larger dog...

If you'll enlarge this photo (by clicking on it) you'll see that Spanky won this round.. he's chasing the big dog back to the house. (Too funny)

Finally, this is Spanky looking all sweet and innocent... he's SUCH a CUTIE!

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Stephanie said...

Hi Sweet Friend,
I am glad to see that you are back to were missed! I understand about the slump. This week, it has been hard to write anything.

Cute, happy pictures! It seems that your doggy has a serious "Napoleon Complex"!Haha

A Stone Gatherer said...

I'll say it again! Dogs are the best! Well that is unless you come home from taking your son to the med center for his foot and find a surprise infront of th couch and your dog is AOL! Hm..... cage for you from now on buddy!

Susan said...

Ahhh, how precious!!

Tonya, I've been praying extra hard for you. I know these times come unannounced and hit pretty hard.

So glad Spanky put a smile on your face.

Sending lots of hugs to someone I love and miss so much!

Love you♥

Melanie said...

Good Morning, Tonya! So sorry you've been in a slump this week.. I'll be praying for you. And, so glad that you are back to posting. You were missed!

I pray you have a blessed weekend devoid of any slumps!

Kim said...

Oh..Spanky is SO adorable!!!!

Know that I'm lifting you to the throne of grace. Praying God's peace...will flood your heart and soul today and that comfort and peace will be yours.


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Was wondering where you have been. Glad to see you back but sad to hear you've been in a slump. Is this the same dog that you had on Brent's site laughing or giggling? It was such a funny little clip! I don't have my dog anymore but I love to see others enjoying their puppy pals. Have a great weekend. I'll send up a prayer for you to feel some encouragement today!

Dawn said...

Hi Tonya,

Well I am "trying trying trying" with to be in "blogland". I LOVE your little dog. Although that looks to be a high maintance hair dog! (smile) I have problems with my own hair!

Keep pressing on!

Susan said...

Good Saturday Morning my friend!

Hope you are doing MUCH better, still praying you through these times~

Looking forward to catching up with you.

You've been missed, BIG time...♥

Faithful Froggers said...

Oh Tonya! That dog is just precious. He certainly made me smile this morning.

I am so sorry you have been in a slump this week. I know how hard those times are and I will be praying for you. Grief is such a hard and unpredictable journey.

Can't wait to see pictures of Allie Grace!

Thinking of you!
Love & FROG . . .

Kristen said...

Oh my word! How stinkin' cute is your little Spanky! I got so tickled looking at these pics. Isn't it funny how dogs have personalities...your little pooch seems to have quite a large one! Thanks for sharing!
I'm praying for you this morning! My God tuck you especially tight under his wing today!

e-Mom said...

What an adorable, fuzzy pooch! Just stopped by to say Hi.

Hugs, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Becoming Me said...

Aww those pictures are sweet. glad you're back

valerie said...

Spanky is quite the little ham!
I cracked up at the pictures.
Thanks so much for sharing and you're in my prayers. There are certainly just times where we feel in a slump. It's so great to have encouragers out there and friends who are praying.
Hope you've had a great weekend.
Talk to you soon!
Love ya,
P.S. Kristen said you are sending her a book. That is so sweet of you. I know she's looking forward to it. :)