Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Word-Filled Wednesday

To see more on this "WFW" check out The 160 Acre Woods

Okay... now since I've not REALLY posted since my "Soapbox Sunday" post, it feels like it's been FOREVER! I've MISSED you guys and couldn't WAIT to get back online.

Now, in my time "offline" I've gotten REALLY behind on replying to comments. I'd still LOVE to respond to each of them, but since I've got such a slow connection, it may take a while. I think the easiest way would be for me to start today and work my way back. (It's just too overwhelming otherwise) THANKS for your patience with me, and PLEASE KNOW that I TRULY LOVE that you took time to leave such sweet messages.

In other "rambling news" I was FINALLY able to hold my beautiful new niece, Allie Grace. She's such a GORGEOUS little girl! Oh, I can't wait to see her again! (I snapped some pics of Gabe holding her and hope to post those soon)

Alrighty.. I'm going to sign off now. I'll check back ASAP. Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by!

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twinklemom said...

I LOVED that and what a convicting post is that! We ask to see God and don't see Him standing right there in front of us!

ellen b said...

Ha! I love it. Hello self - wake up and see God's beauty...

Susan said...

This is really good Tonya!

Gosh, it's amazing how people miss God. Not only in creation, but in all the countless ways He speaks to us each day.

If only we would take the TIME to notice.

You've been missed. Don't worry about getting back to me, dear♥ (smile!)

Melanie said...

And we missed you, too, Tonya! But, we totally understand that there are other things that just have to be done -- like taking care of/spending time with those sweet boys and lovin' on Miss Allie Grace. Although, I'm new to this "bloggin' world" I've found that I have to pace myself and some weeks just can't blog as much or visit around as much as I would like. The family comes first!

I absolutely love this post. How true it is... we get so wrapped in waiting for God to do something that we consider "awesome" or "out of the ordinary" that we completely overlook what He IS doing every. single. day. I have a tendency to do this myself and I'm really trying to actively seek Him in the simple, everyday things in my life. I know He is there and He is speaking to me... I just have to listen.

Have a great day!

Katie said...

hey! Thanks for the encouraging post:) No problem about the goof i understand life is busy. I goofed and forgot my password for a month. again thanks for the sweet message.
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

that cartoon is so hilariously true!!! I'll have to show my hubby!

re: the circle... I create a circle vector over my image, than use the text button and align it by the circle and it will automatically take the same I've created (whether circle, square, or other)
lol that probably doesn't help much, does it? lol I'll have to sit down and write out more instructions later!

lori said...

Hey YOU!!! just stopping by to say hello and to WELCOME you back! That little cartoon speaks volumes...I often wonder what I MISS....I try to "delight in the details" I do!!!

You have OBVIOUSLY been missed!!
We all understand!!!

You have a good night....
hugs, BIG GIANT ONES!!;)

Lana G! said...

That was great!!