Sunday, April 6, 2008

WHOOPS... I made a mistake!

I'd like to apologize for messing up our "Soapbox Sunday." I COMPLETELY FORGOT to change my settings on the comment section to automatically take the comments. What an AIRHEAD! (Yes, I know it, and own it- HA!!!)

Seriously, I feel TERRIBLE! My hubby was out of town and the boys have had me running in every direction doing sleepovers here and there. Today we were meeting at one of our friend's home for church and were having a picnic afterwards. I had to get everyone up and pack lunch to be there by 9!

Today was also Link's Mom's birthday. After getting home from church I started working on her supper for her tonight. It's been a SUPER FUN AND SUPER CRAZY weekend! (Oh forgot to mention that my sweetie came HOME tonight) I've not been online since early morning. PLEASE FORGIVE my absentmindedness???

Now, with that said I'd like to invite you to visit the ladies that posted on Soapbox Sunday. If we do this again maybe you guys would like to take turns hosting it? You can check in here on Saturday and see where it'll be for the week? I dunno, whatever works best. Until then, here are the posts. And again, I apologize....

Susan @ Forever His

Kelley @ Aroma of Joy

Katie @ He Brings Sunshine

Lori @ All You Have To Give

On a brighter note... I FINALLY got to hold Allie Grace! WOOHOO!!!!! Yep, I sat and held her MOST of the afternoon! I'll have more new pics to share soon. I said that was a "brighter note"... I meant it was bright because it happened in spite of me losing my MIND! O=-)

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Kim said...

You CRACK me up!! I can just see you running...hither and yawn.......too funny.

Glad you were able to hold that sweet....sweet..bundle of Joy!!

Have a BLESSED Monday.


Young Creations said...

Hello Tonya,

Just stopping by to say hi. I am still trying to get some time to answer your question from back in January when we were having our Bnai Mitzvah. I will do that soon. I hope you are all well and having a great week.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

Oh give yourself a break girl. It didn't make one bit of difference to me, I was just glad to be able to get on the Soapbox! I am glad you had a day to sit and hold that precious baby!! My week seems to be spinning out of control already and it is only Monday! AAAHHH!

Have a good one, I hope to "see" you soon!


lori said...

No explanations needed....
There are days...make that WEEKS when I could use 3 heads, 6 arms....need I go on!!

we all need the break...and IF you say "i'm sorry one more time!!" enough of that!!:):):) gotta hold the baby!!!
see you when you wake up!!:)

Susan said...

Miss you girlfriend.

I know you're busy, but I just wanted to drop in and say HI!!!

lori said...

SEE I'm the one who should be APOLOGIZING!! for adding to your confusion!!!!

You are too cute....really....
If I were clearer!!:)
but I am an EXCLAMATION POINT!! that explains it all!!


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Can't wait to see Allie. How good for the soul to hold little girl!! Blessings to you.

lori said...

You didn't have to ADD me....mine was nothing great...just a bunch of rambling me!!!

I hope your week is settled down....
just thinking about you...

Cheryl said...

Glad to hear you spent time with that sweet baby girl! It's alright that you made a mistake, we all do it! I know I do. Hope you have a good week! God Bless~