Monday, April 21, 2008

My kid needs glasses...


I'm going to just ramble a bit today.. I'll jump back in on the "memes" later this week. I wanted to share a little "funny" on our Zach. (He's the 10 year old)

Okay... so the other day we'd been in and out cleaning and doing yard work. Zach had gone out the back door for something and came back in pretty quickly telling me he'd seen "a rat with no tail."

See, we have strange little creatures all around us. (We live out in the country - well, kinda) Usually the way we find most of those creepy, I mean, poor little creatures, they've already fallen in our pool. We've pulled out a few baby snakes (dead ones, they'd been in the skimmer a while), a bat, a few mice, a mole or two, lizards, a bird.. hhmmm... can't think of anything else at the moment. (That's enough though, RIGHT?) ICK! We also have every bug known to man stumble over into the cement pond, I mean pool. (Remember the Beverly Hillbillies?? LOL!!) Oh... sorry... ADD kicked in.. forgot where I was going with that! O=-)

SOOOOOOOO... Zach comes in to tell me that he saw the rat with no tail. The next thing I know he's taken a piece of cheese out and has put it on the concrete. I asked what he planned to do with that and he told me he was going to catch him. (EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW) After Zach told Link (my hubby - his daddy) about the weird little rat, Link remembered that he'd seen this little creature too. He told Zach it was a baby RABBIT! (I'm thinking it's time to take this kid to the eye doctor!???) HA!!!

I wish I'd have gotten a picture of the cute little thing, but my guy folks were too excited about trying to CATCH him. (He was ADORABLE)

I'm still trying to figure out how he could've mistaken what it was? Cute bunny??? (AAAWWWWWWWW)

...... RAT??? (EEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!) I'd have NO problems telling the difference, would YOU?

Okay, I'm off to set up an appointment with the eye doctor. (HeeHee) JUST KIDDING! Seriously though, I'm going to go get these boys started on their school work. Before you go I'd like to invite you to read over an email I received from the "American Family Association," then if you'd like you can sign the petition below. =-)

Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by! =-)

The rights of Christians are under attack again! Consider what has happened just in the last week:

  • In New Jersey, East Brunswick High School officials told football coach Marcus Borden he cannot kneel and bow his head while members of his team have a student-led pre-game prayer. (source)

  • In Wisconsin’s Tomah Area School District, a teacher refused to give a student identified only as A.T. a grade on an art project because his work included "John 3:16" as well as "A sign of love." However, Buddha, Hindu and sorcerers are considered “approved” forms of art by the school. (source)

  • In Mt. Vernon, Ohio, school leaders told teacher John Freshwater he must put his Bible out of sight when students are in his room. Mr. Freshwater has refused to do so. He has had a Bible on his desk for the past 18 years. (source)

    Take Action!
    Join AFA in expressing appreciation to the two teachers and student mentioned above for their bold stand. Despite overwhelming pressure, Marcus, A.T. and John are standing firm in defending our rights.

    Sign our “Petition of Appreciation!”. Help us gather one million signatures supporting these three individuals for standing strong for our religious freedoms. AFA will present a Plaque of Appreciation to each of them, which will include your name and state (no address).

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A Stone Gatherer said...

Thanks for the heads up on the petition! Also what a funny about your boys and the tailless rat! I'm chuckling as I write this!

Nen said...

aww.. i love bunnies! definitely looks different than a rat! ;)

just this AM there was a mouse in my office at work... ick. i kind of liked watching it scurry around... but we trapped him and he is no longer with us.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

God knew what He was doing when He planted me in the suburbs with an abundance of daughters. All it would take is 1 snake (baby or not) to send me to the nearest city!! Snakes are my biggest phobia! The craziest things we see here are squirrels and that is good enough for me....

Kristen said...

What a funny story..and such a cute bunny! Glad it ended the way it did :)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Thank goodness it was a rabbit and not a rat! I remember the story about the little mouse and having to wake your sister to call hubby to come save you in the kitchen! Ha. I can imagine a rat would not have made your day. Hope you have a great week-blessings friend.

Stephanie said...

Hey Kids! Let's go downstairs and see what the Easter Rat left us!

Proof that evolution exists in Mississippi...a Tailless Rat. It has evolved without a tail to prevent little boys from picking it up by said tail and dragging it into unsuspecting Mom! LOL!

Kim said...

What an adorable little bunny!!!! Now the rat.....that's a different sotry. ewh......

I'm thankful that God blessed me with only ONE boy.....and a boy who doesn't like to have his hands I was spared all those fun....little boy adventures of finding creatures. eeewwwhh!!!

Have a BLESSED day!


Faith said...

Hi Tonya:
Thanks for stopping by. yes, the mountains you flew over were probably the Adirondacks..of course we are also close to the Catskills to the south by about 30 min; the Berkshires of MA to our east by 35 min. and the Green Mts of Vermont to the northeast. So...yes we love it here in NYS except for the taxes! LOL

Thanks for the info about the petition.
In our local school district we are able to have a Youth forChrist club right on the high school campus! My 14 yr old belongs to it. she has also read the Bible aloud in Honors English as they were doing a poetry study and the teacher (not a Christian) exposed them to the Psalms!! YEAH! and she has written papers including scriptures, did an art sketch for her drawing class that included images of what the symbolism means from one of the Newsboys songs. In all 3 cases she received an guess I am thankful to the Lord for our district! I will keep these other Christian kids and teachers in prayer that you mentioned here. God bless you!

lori said...

We now have frogs, caterpillars....and I'm waiting for a's a matter of time!!

I just saw the husband grew up near East know what in the world!

just checking in to say HOLA!!
have a great day!!

LAURIE said...

thanks for checking in on my page today, I am with you...there is NO way I would mistake a bunny for a rat. A rat would make me run and scream, a bunny would make me go ahhhhhhh. funny stuff.

and thanks for the heads up about the petition. -God bless, Laurie

Nen said...

hey tonya.. please stop by my etsy page and leave feedback! (helps me look like my shop is doing well! lol!)

Anonymous said...

good luck with the glasses!!! the bunny is adorable!

Becca said...

That sounds like something my eight year old would do!

Peace and Hugs,

MrsJoeB said...

That is so discerning-thanks for the information. I signed the petition. Sad.....we need to pray more!
In His Graces~Pamela

Stephanie said...

Hah! I see you are behind on posting, too! Maybe I will join in tomorrow. I am looking forward to your next post, hint, hint!
Love you!

crispy said...

This one was too funny. Loved the pictures...bunny = cute and rat = dirty.

And Kelley's comment made me laugh.

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Tonya, thanks so much for stopping by and all of your kind words.

It was fun reading all about your boys! :)