Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

For today's "Thankful Thursday" post, I'm THANKFUL for GOD'S WORD.

I found something yesterday that just blew me away! I know that I've already told you some of the AMAZING things that we saw in Brent's final days. My friend Iris also shared some of that last week. (I LOVE it when I realize how CLOSE GOD is and how HE reveals HIMSELF to us!)

Okay... so I was filling out a form and was using part of Brent's testimony. I went to his caringbridge journal history to confirm what I had already typed. As I was looking for the middle of December of 06, I found it. Something that gave me GOOSEBUMPS all over - and cry like a baby all at the same time! (This time it was tears because I was reminded how GREAT GOD's love is for us)

The "something" that I found was in a devotion that was posted at the end of an update just TWO days BEFORE he started having those AMAZING conversations with GOD. Would you believe that GOD actually told us this would happen??? I only realized it YESTERDAY! (The devotion is by Dr. Henry Blackaby.. I always attached them at the end of my updates) Here it is... REMEMBER, this was posted on Brent's caringbridge page just TWO DAYS before his miracle conversations would begin..... It was December 13, 2006 - TWO DAYS before Brent began to "Experience GOD" ....... LITERALLY.

God's Revelation Is His Invitation

"Surely the Lord God does nothing,
Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets."
AMOS 3:7

"Christians spend much time talking about ""seeking God's will,"" as though it were hidden and difficult to find. God does not hide His will. His will is not difficult to discover. We do not have to plead with God to reveal His will to us. He is more eager to reveal His will than we are willing to receive it. We sometimes ask God to do things He has already done!

The people in Amos' day became disoriented to God and to His desires. God had revealed His will; the problem was that they had not recognized it or obeyed it. Amos declared that God does nothing in the affairs of humanity without seeking one of His servants to whom He will reveal His activity. Tragically, there are times when no one is walking closely enough with Him to be receptive to His word (Isa. 59:16; 63:5; Ezek. 22:30-31).

Jesus walked so intimately with His Father that He was always aware of what the Father was doing around Him (John 5:19-20). Jesus said that if our eyes are pure, they will see God and recognize His activity (Matt. 6:22). If we are not seeing God's activity, the problem is not a lack of revelation. The problem is that our sin prevents us from noticing it.

When God is working in your child's life or when He is convicting your coworker, He may reveal His activity to you. His revelation is His invitation for you to join Him in His redemptive work. Be alert to God's activity around you. He will reveal His activity to His servants. If your spiritual eyes are pure, you will be overwhelmed by all that you see God doing around you!"

Overwhelming????? I'd SAY!!!!!!!! We got to witness our precious son interact with his CREATOR just DAYS before he went HOME!

How COOL is THAT???

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Susan said...

Wow Tonya, I remember this, but little did I know God would "ACTUALLY... LITERALLY" cause this to happen!!

Is God not AMAZING???

You know I used to love to read your devotions, most of time, (I'd say 90% of the time), it always went with what you were going through AT THE TIME!

Yes, God's word is truly ALIVE!!! I'm so grateful for it in my life. Where would we be without that HOPE, that COMFORT, Guidance and those precious PROMISES He gives us each day?

If only we cherished it and dined on it more often.


Tiffany Stuart said...

Glory to the King of Kings. I love the way God works in His timing. Even this eye-opening experience happened now so that you would once again Experience God. He saved this for now. I believe He is reaffirming His love for you. His hand of healing.

Thank you for sharing. That book is so good. I need to open my copy and see what it says today. I'm not done with it.

eph2810 said...

That is why I could not stop reading the night I was reading Brent's page. I also read some of the devotions you had attached...God is indeed revealing Himself to us, but sadly we are just to busy to stop and listen to His will. Well, at least it is true for me...

Thank you for sharing your grateful and joyous heart with us this week.

Blessings to you and your precious family.

Denise said...

So very precious, thanks for sharing.

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

This is an amazing revelation! I just love how God not only reveals Himself but confirms and reaffirms as well. I agree with Tiffany that just the way He brought this to your attention now is like a second blessing (the first being His revelation to Brent). I need to get a copy of that devotional, I have been hearing a lot of good things about it recently!

I hope all is good with you, I haven't heard from you in a few days. Take care and let me know if you need any "special prayers". You can always email me as well!


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I remember reading this also but didn't make a connection either. I always thought it amazing that Brent had conversations with God but really it was natural. God speaks to us all the time, Brent was just listening and responding. May I live by the same faith that your son had. Your son has given us all a great example of how to be still and Know That He is God. Simply wonderful! Blessings to you Tonya.

lori said...

WOW! I'm in tears AGAIN....How amazing is God to show this to you again...I'm just amazed at how He is comforting you over and over...confirming your faith...and THEN taking that and using it to witness to us....
I read that and just put my head down....HE is there revealing himself...if only we could SENSE it and FEEL it and be changed forever by it....
Oh to have the faith of that child..the conversations with God...
all I can say is wow....

you again have blessed me far more than you'll ever know!
love you!

Shari said...

It's so neat that you found out about this and shared it with us. God just keeps getting glorified from your blog.

MrsJoeB said...

I completely agree with your post and what a marvelous thing you got to experience with your son's jouney to God. But can I be honest and say I also struggle with this? I want to see life through God's eye's. I attempt to put on my spiritual glasses daily and to see Him in all things. I have never been cloer to Him but as my husband and I are looking at some pretty big decisions about our life, our jobs, our finances...why can't we see His will plainly? What sin is preventing this? Selfishness? Lack of trust? Are we looking too hard? I want to see Him as clearly as I see my husband lying next to me watching the ball game. I want to see Him , to hear Him, to know Him better. Just like your son. Pray we will receive His confirmation soon.
I am using Blackaby's devotional book "Expereincing God Day-By-Day"-what a powerful tool!!
Your post was a blessing. Thank you!

In His Graces~Pamela

Stephanie said...

Hey Sweet Friend,
I have missed you, too! Yes, we have been on break at my parents' house. We have been spending time with cousins and playing outside ALL day. Downside=no blog time! That is why I am up right now! haha...

I remember how your devotionals often echoed some aspect of your journey. That is just so AWESOME! Definately something to be thankful for in our lives that God is that close to us ALL the time!

Love YOU!

Jenileigh said...

I wanted to invite you by to join in the give away I'm hosting. Hugs!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Praise God! Thank you for sharing that and for sharing your precious son's story! I desire to be that close! I do not feel I have obtained it yet, but I strive towards the mark! Thank you, thank you!