Sunday, October 12, 2008

6 Random Things

While visiting my friend Amydeanne the other day, I found that she was participating in this fun little meme. I think I may have done this before, but can't remember. SO, I'm trying to list some things you probably don't know about me.

First, here are the rules:

Link to the person who tagged you. (Done)
Post the rules on your blog. (Done)
Write six random things about yourself. (OH, SO DONE!)
Tag six people at the end of your post. (I'm skipping this, you're all invited)
Let each person know he or she has been tagged. (Again, you're ALL invited)
Let the tagger know when your entry is up (will do)

As for who I’m tagging?? Anyone who wants to participate!

Now, six random things about myself-

1) When I was a child my FAVORITE cartoon to watch on Saturday mornings was the Smurfs.

2) I LOVE to dance and act crazy with my kids. (Used to dance with my friends, but they all grew up, unfortunately.) Ha!

3) I taught myself to cut the boys hair (Yawn. Yes, I know, nothing too interesting here.. hehe)

4) I HATE to wear shoes! (If I'm wearing anything on my feet in the summer, it'll most likely be flip-flops)

5) I used to watch scary movies as a teen. That of course made me afraid to go outside by myself at night. (Such a wimp, I mean, come on, how many folks REALLY run around with chainsaws? Okay, so I'm not afraid of "REAL people," just those that run around with chainsaws! HA!!)

6) Okay, this is REALLY random, but if there was ONE thing in my makeup box that I couldn't do without.. it'd be my mascara. (See, I told ya that was random)

Alrighty, now that I've bored you to TEARS, You can now return to your regularly scheduled blog hopping, already in progress. (Someone else's ... someWHERE else.. where it'll actually make sense, you say??) HA!!!!!!

Take care, my friends!


Jennifer said...

I loved the smurfs!! I always wondered why there was only ONE girl smurf...that wasn't fair!!! I need to list some random things about myself, because lately, I've been having a lack of things to write about! Thanks for the sweet comment and I'm so very glad to "meet" you as well and look forward to keeping up!

Ashley Griffin said...

i loved the smurfs too!!

we are in albany, ga. but you can check and see if it will be held at a church near yours. I think it's supposed to be simulcasted to over 200 churches!

Stacy said...

Loved the 6 random things! I, too, loved the Smurfs growing up! And teaching yourself how to cut the kid's hair...right there with sure doesn save a lot of money! :)

Amydeanne said...

hehe those are great! and i loved the smurfs too! oddly enough someone gave me a smurf rocker last year and kids love it!

lol your post about the pork thingy sounds like a "hairy" experience! lol