Thursday, October 16, 2008


Morning, friends. I know this isn't the post I said I'd do today.. hang in there a sec and I'll explain. ;o)

Okay, so I'm still HOPING to get to come back (possibly later today) and update with those pictures I mentioned yesterday, but just in case I don't, I decided to go ahead and share this video. (I already had this post typed up and ready/scheduled for today) O:-) See, for whatever reason, I kept forgetting that "Thankful Thursday" has a theme. (I'm such a dork) This was actually going to be my "Thankful Thursday" post.. but THEN, I remembered. So, if you want to read what others are talking about this "Thankful Thursday," hop on over to Iris' and see what others are writing about. (Today's theme is JOY!) Perhaps NEXT week I'll get in the game (with my head on straight) O:-)

SOOOOOOO... This little cutie is my sister's great niece (?). (It's her husband's, niece - Connie's, daughter) Her name is Lainey and she's ONLY TWO! Just watch this video and see how SMART she is!

Oh yeah, I'd also like to invite you back tomorrow. I'm going to announce my first bloggy giveaway! =-)


Greg P. said...

What a sweetheart she his! I've never heard a 2 yr. old sing that song so well.

Jennifer said...

awww how cute!! My 3 yr old can't do that!! I love giveaways! I'll be sure to be looking for that

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

what a sweetie.. those cheeks are too cute!

btw- can you check your in-box and let me know if you got my last e-mail.


have a Happy Day!


Beth E. said...

She's adorable! I just wanna smooch on that face! :o)

Looking forward to tomorrow...

P.S. Tonya, have you ever been to Abel Tyson's CB site? Such a precious little boy. Check it out, and read the history of what he's gone through. His dad has some amazing journal entries. Please keep little Abel in your prayers:

Melanie said...

Oh, my... she is just too cute!

Patricia said...

Soooo sweet! I love it. I've gotten all soft and squishy about little ones since I became a nana.

Tiffany Stuart said...


Couldn't watch because for some reason my sound isn't working on my laptop and it's not muted.

And a giveaway, how fun!

Thanks for commenting on my laughter post!

Ashley Griffin said...

I am so glad that Z liked his cookie. What boy wouldn't like a HUGE cookie for his birthday. I think that I will try to make one soon!! :)

Sweet girl! I love to hear little kids sing!

ilovesoccer777 said...

awwww!!! [i know that probobly EVERYBODY left this as a comment]

Mike and Katie said...

She is so cute! She sounds like she's in the south, too.