Saturday, October 4, 2008

A trip with Daddy

We decided last minute to take a trip with Link.. the first photo is one that was made after the boys had been playing with a couple of little guys they met today. Check out how tired Gabe looks. (And the dirty face!)

Oh, these aren't the best photo quality, they were made with my cell phone

Here's one of our "Little Hulk"

Oh, and I've discovered "Twitter," it's on my sidebar. This way I can make little "mini posts" as often as I'd like. It's kind of described as answering the question, "So, what are YOU doing?" I hope I won't get addicted - I'm already bad about text messaging! O=-)


Liz said...

I've been fighting the urge to twitter myself - I already check my blog on my browser on my phone - if I could text it in I think I would be effectively useless during the day!!

Melanie said...

Hey, Tonya! I love all the pictures of the boys you are sharing. These are fun and I just loved the pictures you took and shared on Friday (I think it was Friday). They are getting so big and are such good-looking boys!

Have a blessed Sunday!

The Morris Family said...

I came over from Ellie's seems those that are on the journey of grieving get hooked up, we too have walked the NB and Joel our 3yr old was just behind your son in entering eternity, Joel arrived there Jan. 23, 2007. May the Lord give grace as you continue on, we'll never be the same, but HE IS THE SAME yesterday today and forever. Blessings to your family!
Cindy Morris

Mylissa said...

Where ARE you guys?? So glad you joined link on the trip. And the lake pictures are fantastic!
love you,

Jennifer said...

All tuckered out! He looks peaceful though...and then on to the "little hulk" and he's ready to rumble! Cute pics!

jbaj said...

I second what Liz says! I'm already checking stuff during the day - oh my gosh if I had twitter!

Cute pics!

(I guess when I said I am taking photoshop and a photography class I am HOPING I can take them together - you know in the same class. I tried the online class but got behind after the first week lol!)

Stephanie said...

Hey Tonya,
I could have taken a picture of my dirty son after our car trip to South Carolina today. The only difference is that your son goes to sleep in the car and mine just thinks up more questions to ask me to keep himself awake! LOL!

Tell Gabe thanks for the letter...I had fun with the list, although I was VERY late adding it!
Love ya,