Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Allie Grace, then a FUN game


I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to keep Allie Grace and that I'd post pictures soon. Well, I've FINALLY got them loaded and ready to share. We ALWAYS have such a BLAST when keeping this little angel. She's a PURE DELIGHT to have around. (She's squealing, babbling a few words, and almost NEVER stops SMILING!)

The first set of pictures are of her "bubble bath." (Don't worry, I had Gabe in there to catch her should she fall back - Oh, and remember, if you click on the collage it'll make the pictures bigger and much easier to see)

The Bubble Bath -

Drying Off...

Sweet, Smiling, Baby!

Now, here's something else to do if you're up for it?

A neat game...

While visiting my new friend, Liz, yesterday, I saw that she had a neat little game to play. So, this is how it works..

By commenting, I received a letter of the alphabet for which to list ten things I love in my life that begin with that letter. When I did this, Liz assigned me the letter, "G."

So here goes...

GOD - HE'S my EVERYTHING (and HIS SON, Jesus, even though HIS name doesn't begin with the letter, "G.") :-)

Gabe - our sweet little 7 (soon to be 8) year old. He's got the most amazing personality and reminds us SO MUCH of Brent!


Gum- Hehe... (I'm already running low on ideas)

Girlfriends - I love my sistas!

Goofy little boys

Giggles from babies and small children

Google, YEAH, I LOVE Google! (That's how I find EVERYTHING quickly!)

"Going" to town with my friends! (Yeah, I know that's a lame one to try to use, but really I'm getting NOTHING here) O:-)

Getting DONE with this list! HA!!!!! (I know, I'm SUCH A CHEATER!)

SO, If you want to play just leave me a comment saying you want to play along and I'll visit you, leaving you your letter. =-)



Paula (SweetPea) said...

Hey Tonya,
I just wanted to say she is SO cute. I LOVE that picture in the bath, the one on the lower left corner. Is that a face or what.

Sorry to be a party pooper but I'll pass on the game. I'm doing good to keep my head above water as it is.


Susan said...

OK, is she not just ADORABLE or what????

I know you are having so much fun.

NOW... the pictures, and collage. Please EMAIL me and tell me how to do it.

Sorry Tonya, you KNOW I'm an official copy-cat. I can't let you do anything original, sorry, that's what friend are for!!

Now, OK, go on ahead and pass the letter on, I'm game. (now don't give me an X or Z OK?????

Melanie said...

Tonya, That little girl is just about as cute as they get!! So very precious... I can see why you always have such a great time when she is around.

I'd love to join in on the game so go ahead and pass a letter on my way.

Happy Day, my friend!

Mylissa said...

Tonya!!!! She is SO CUTE!!! Miss you so much, sister...very possibly seeing you SOON (hint hint) love you!

Kristen said...

What a cutie!!! Those arms are so stinin' cute!
I bet you girls have the best time!

Beth E. said...

Allie Grace is just precious! I know you enjoyed every minute of having her around.

Stephanie said...

Oh, what a sweetie pie! And she seems to love having her picture made. Didn't you just LOVE lovin' on her?

I would like to play the letter game, so send me a letter please.

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I'd love to play along. What letter will it be??

jbaj said...

The letter I was given was "W" so here I go!

1. Weekends - well this goes without saying! Time for relaxing, time for football, time for swim meets, time for Jessica (next weekend), time for BBQ's and time for family.

2. Water-This also goes without saying that we are a water loving family. For sport or play we love the pool!

3. Worship - I love worship time at church. Our church picks the best music and God just speaks to my heart during worship.

4. Writing - I love to write. It's an outlet for me that I didn't realize I needed. I love this crazy family I belong to and they never fail to give me material.

5. Watermelon. Pretty much my favorite summertime fruit.

This is actually harder than it looks! Can I quit at 5?

6. Wife - I love being a wife. It's not always easy but the rewards definitely outweigh any hardships.

7. Warm Weather. Oooh - that's 2 W's!! We live in the desert for a reason... Warm springs and falls, and beautiful warm summer nights.

8. Willoughby - A great Twilight Zone episode and a reminder to remember what is really important in life.

9. Weight loss - enough said on that!

10. Window shopping on vacation. For some reason walking with your family on vacation in a strange town and window shopping - that just has some good memories. I remember one year before AJ was born we went to Williams Arizona to take the train to the Grand Canyon. The afternoon before we walked in the small town that had a very small car show going on - just the 4 of us and I still have such good memories of that time.