Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For Zach's birthday yesterday I decided to bake him a GIANT cookie rather than a birthday cake. Oh, MY, he was SOOOO HAPPY! This is a picture BEFORE he awoke and found it. (I measured it, it was a foot across in one direction and 14" in another... not EXACTLY a perfect circle, but hey, this was the first one I've made in 8 years or so.. hehe) Oh, and overlook my bad handwriting.. It was EARLY, well, truthfully, I probably couldn't done any better even if it WASN'T! HA!!!

I put it in the dining room because the kitchen was a mess just so I could make pictures of him when he first saw it. (You know, I had FULL intention of sharing these pics with you and I'd NEVER let you see my kitchen in such a shape) ha!! Speaking of... pay no attention to that thick rim of dust on the back of that chair... it's all I can do to keep all the other "stuff" picked up behind my guys... dusting is one chore that I let go a little too often. O:-)

Here comes the birthday boy.... (It's a little blurry, but that's the first shot I got of him when he saw his "happy."

See, I'm not just "smiley happy" online, I "doodle" them EVERYWHERE! (I'm making reference to my overuse of emoticons)

This one was made after they'd torn into it... You can see they found my "icing" bowl. =-)

Oh, and Zach FINALLY got his cast off yesterday! I made pictures of that too, but don't have them loaded yet. (I made them on a different camera) I'll share those tomorrow (hopefully) and also some from Sunday. Our little church met at the Noxubee Refuge.. we saw LOTS of wildlife! (Even an ALLIGATOR!)

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Amie@HeartSmiles said...

First off Happy Birthday Zach!! :)

Second.. You must teach me your secret on how to make sucha big cookie. must. must. must. I am sooo doing this for the next in line. OR just cause I am hungry and want a really big cookie. I will never tell. ;)

ummm... I totally have a emoticon overuse problem as well as an under dusting issue. You really are my twin!:)


Ashley Griffin said...

how did you make such a huge cookie? did you just use a regular cookie mix or did you have to do anything special?

what a great idea for something different!!!

Melanie said...

What a great idea, Tonya! I'm totally stealing this one from you one of these days! :)

Happy Wednesday to you!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Zach! You are such a great Mommy, Tonya. Thanks for letting us share the day... :-)

Live.Love.Eat said...

I love the picture of him with his mouth full but you can see the smile in his eyes. So sweet, and the cookie too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

You did good momma. Who wants a perfect circle anyway, or perfect writing.

We would've NEVER noticed the dust had you not said. I can bearly see it even after mentioning it.

There's bigger fish to fry and eat, anyway.

Jill said...

Happy 11th Birthday Zach!

You are one lucky guy to have a Mom who bakes you 14" cookies for your birthday! YUMMY!

Tonya - you are so funny! I love your sense of humor and wit!

Thanks for sharing his birthday with us! Wishing you a wonderful day together!

God bless!

Amy~Saved by Grace said...

I love making big cookie cakes.
Good job on yours. Congrats on Zach being free from his cast.

Beth E. said...

Now that's MY kind of cookie! :o)Looks like Zach had fun eating it.

I'm excited about your giveaway...looking forward to hearing more about it later in the week.

Blessings to you!

Felicity said...

That is FANTASTIC Tonya!! I would love to see the recipe for that in a TTMT (specially cooking time etc).

Thank you for your comment on my 101 things blog. If you choose to do your own, let me know and I will link to it :)

Jennifer said...

Love that idea Tonya!! I would much rather have that than a cake!! I'll have to try that out sometime! Great job and love the pics!

Jennifer said...

Man, that cookie looks so yummy! I concur, I would much rather have that cookie than a cake! Hope Zach had a great birthday!!

Mylissa said...

hahahaha I love it!! What a HOOT!!!
Hey, just tell me what hte sizes are that the boys need, and I will see whether we have the black in or the green. I believe Kerry has some.
love you,

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Happy birthday to your wonderful son. What an awesome cookie you made him. My son is nick named cookie monster and I think he would be in heaven if I made him one that big. :)
I like smiley faces too!!

Amydeanne said...

okay now that's my kinda bday cake!!! yummmersss!

and the emotioncon... i used know over 500 different ones including making roses and stuff before intnet had prefaces and were called BBS (bulletin board systems)

@>--'- or the pirate stickin out his tongue is my favorite ;p