Monday, October 20, 2008

"Not me!" Monday

Edited - 4:35 AM
This post was scheduled and posted automatically last night. After checking in with MckMama's blog this morning, I'm not really sure she'll be doing her "Not me!" Monday post. I guess I'll leave mine up "just in case." Hehehe

Today is the day I get to NOT tell you all about what happened last week. O:-)

The funniest thing that DIDN'T happen to me last week was when I "didn't" get rejected by a two year old. No, I "wasn't" joking around (trying to be funny) when I "didn't" ask little Lainey if she would be my friend. Then she TOTALLY "didn't" tell me, "No, I'm Ash-wee's fwiend." (Ashley's friend) She CRACKS ME UP!!! (Lesson learned: Don't ask questions if you can't handle the response... HA!)

I also didn't smile sweetly, nod my head, and "speak" to a mannequin in a store the other day before I realized it wasn't a human. (Well, actually, I've done the same thing when walking past a mirror in a store) I don't know which would make you feel more foolish, "greeting" a mannequin, or smiling and nodding at yourself. HEHEHEHE (I'm SERIOUSLY TOO friendly for my own good)

Oh, and our boys aren't some of the SWEETEST little men - EVER! I mean, Zach wouldn't tear off the edges of his GIANT birthday cookie just to make it into the shape of a heart for me! (Shameless bragging, I know) O:-)

Okay, there are SO MANY other things I could probably share, but for now, I've tortured you enough. Hehe

If you'd like to find out what other people "AREN'T doing," go and visit, MckMama. Let me warn you.. this can become addicting. :o)

Oh, I also wanted to thank those of you who've entered my bloggy giveaway. I'm so excited to be able to give you just a small portion of what you've given me. It does make me a little sad that I can't send everyone something.

SO.. be sure and enter by leaving anything in the comment section. Please don't feel obligated to write a lot - it's just the easiest way for me to keep up with the entrants. I do want to apologize beforehand for not being able to respond to the comments quickly. I'll have VERY LITTLE time online this week and will catch up ASAP! (I'll fill you in on what's kept from here by the weekend hopefully)

Thanks again for participating! =-)


Liz said...

The cookie is too cute - what a sweet guy to do that for you (and that cookie looks yummy!!!)

Greg P. said...

Tonya, I can relate to the mannequin thing. I backed into a store mannequin once and quickly turned and said, "Excuse me, I'm sorry."

I then realized what I did and nonchalantly looked around and saw a woman looking at me, and walking away with her hand covering her mouth and a smile coming across her face.

I really liked the mirror thing. I haven't done that yet, but, there's still time.

Amydeanne said...

very cute about the heart cookie!

Johnson Party of seven! said...

Hey Girlie-
Just got back in town and getting to check in on my friends! Sorry I missed Zach's bday! Sending him belated birthday wishes! Missin' those cute boys of yours! All three!


Jennifer said...

That is too funny! I love that picture of the cookie too...How sweet he was!!

Cheryl said...

Hey Tonya,

I'll take some of that cookie. Looks yummy!

I've walked past a mirror in a store, see myself and think it is someone else and will speak.

Love ya,

shan said...

That is just too sweet about the cookie! Brag away Mama:)

Beth E. said...

Speaking to mannequins....hmmm, I think you need some time off! haha Great "Not Me!" post.

The heart cookie was precious.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Tonya, you sure made my day (or evening) with a smile. You actually greeted a mannequin. Oh my, oh my. I would've loved to have done that but only if my beloved would've been with me. I can see us stomach-stitchin' laughin' over something like that. I had to think twice about the saying hello to oneself in the mirror. But I guess if we are really busy and only catch the motion out of the corner of our eye we could perceive it to be a person---I mean a person besides ourself. Haha

You are too funny and too cute.
Love you,

Susan said...

Hey Tonya, don't worry about Lainey, you've got me to be your friend!!! He he...

Ahhh, how precious Zach made that cookie into a heart for you. Now that tickled me!!!


Daphine said...

LOL about the mannequin and mirror comment. I can totally see myself doing the SAME thing!

Love what the boys did with the cookie. How sweet!