Friday, October 24, 2008

FINALLY, to catch up on Zach's birthday

For Zach's birthday we ate a late lunch at Sweet Pepper's. (I THINK that's what it's called?)

THEN, we were off to get rid of that nasty cast!!

Getting an "x-ray"..... the hand was "much better" but he's not released to be "rowdy" until his follow-up appointment in two weeks. (Ya HEAR THAT, Zach???)

A family photo shoot from Sunday afternoon... more to come (Oh, and an update on where I've been all week coming within 24 hours!)


Cheryl said...


Boys will be boys. They are growing up. All of them!

Thanks for sharing!


I have something for you, when you get a chance to come on over.

Jennifer said...

yeah..the cast is off! woohoo!

The picture is too adorable and look how much the baby is growing?!? Goodness. Enjoy your weekend.

Faithful Froggers said...

Oh, what great pictures of Zach! I am so glad he had a fun birthday. I'm sure the best gift of all was getting that cast off! :)

BEAUTIFUL family picture!!!

Beth E. said...

Poor Zach...two more weeks of "not being rowdy." Haha (Now THAT'S gonna be hard to do!)

I had to laugh at how Gabe poked his head into the one picture, then the next picture looks like Zach's got his arm up to keep Gabe from getting in the pic again! lol That may not be what happened, but I sure got a chuckle out of it. They remind me of my two boys when they were younger.

I've missed you girlfriend, and look forward to hearing more from you, soon! :o)

Davisix said...

You site is beautiful. I am forever a follower. :) Angie

He And Me + 3 said...

Beautiful family picture! yeah for the removal of the cast.

Greg P. said...

Oh, I love Sweet Peppers. We have them up here in Chicago. Excellent choice.

Zach will be "rowdy" long before his next doctor's appt. He seems like a typical boy! I'll be disappointed if he isn't rowdy.

Reba said...

Hi, I am still here. I check in, just haven't had a chance to sign lately. Looks like you had a fun time. In one of the pictures with both boys, just glancing at Gabe made me think of Brent right away. I never realized how much they favored one another. Anyway, hope Zach had a special day!

Jennifer said...

Such handsome boys!! I bet he's glad that cast is off!!

Love You!!!